Next Moves can be planned

Next Moves can be plotted

Next Moves can be seen

Through the Looking Glass we may find what we are looking for, but sometimes we need to…

Follow our Hearts

Follow the Path Less Taken, the Road Less Traveled, the Wild Unknown

Because the best laid plans


Are the Plans


Written for: Week 5 – Reena’s Exploration

How to participate? Reena says:

The piece you write can be prose, fiction, a form of poetry that you are comfortable with, or any other experimental format that you devise. There is no restriction on the length either, except that the whole piece should appear in one part. Chain posts disturb the flow.

Create a post on your blog. Create a pingback, or leave the link to your post in the Comments section.

This will appear every Friday. I have decided to do away with the date, so that you can join in any of the prompts, whenever inspiration strikes.

Happy Writing ……

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