Prague: We’ve Landed!!

Dear Mom and Dad,

Bikurgurl 2017

We’ve landed in Prague đź’•

We’ve all gotten a little rest, but are going to try to stay up until at least 8-9pm local (6 hours ahead of EST) to get into the Prague schedule quickly.


We tried to pack light, but it always seems like so much more when you’re dragging it through the airport!

We love you guys,


All images captured with my iPhone 6S

So I’ve been trying to decide how to present my Prague travel and ultimately, the easiest thing for me to do is to simply copy my emails to my parents, edit when necessary, and share with you!

I don’t always have many images of my family as in most cases, I ask their permission prior to posting and they don’t always agree with what I think makes a good picture to publicly post {as I would like that same courtesy}.

With boys who are growing into young men, I value their privacy, preferences, and security above my own preferences in this ever-changing world of social media and electronic presence and footprints.

Thank you for continuing to respect our privacy by not sharing, copying, or distributing our family images — Thank you!!

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