Tired of Sexually Driven Free Kindle Books? Try some of these!

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Do you have a Kindle? Looking for ‘real’ books, but left dismayed by the ridiculous amount of smutty-romance in the Free Kindle Unlimited?

My Dotted Leuchtturm 1917 in Green

I finally signed up for a free trial of Kindle Unlimited yesterday to send new titles to my teen son, the Bibliophile, and was embarrassed by the titles, images, and content of the majority of the titles included in free reading. I wouldn’t want to read this cornucopia of romance/erotica; my son certainly doesn’t want to read it either. While he enjoys modern classics, like Harry Potter and his favorite book is The Hobbit (cue proud mama moment!!).

Thankfully, I found a treasure-trove of free titles (some noted poor quality issues) available on Kindle through Amazon for free! Here’s a small smattering of (mostly!) Mensa Reading Challenge books I had delivered to my sons Kindle…kind of makes me want to invest in a Kindle for myself!!

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I anticipate our canceling our Kindle Unlimited membership after our 30 day free trial (if not sooner), but I did see on my email confirmation of our free trial, both Harry Potter and Mockingbird are offered free — however, my Bibliophile has read them both several times and has them in hardback, so that isn’t a huge draw for us.

I’m considering coupling our free Kindle Unlimited membership with a free trial of Audible as many of the titles can be read aloud for free as well and could help us get in more classic reads on-th-go!

Stay tuned for updates!

What are you reading this summer?

2 thoughts on “Tired of Sexually Driven Free Kindle Books? Try some of these!

  1. Confidentially speaking, one is in full agreement with the sentiments so expressed. There may be a popular prevalence of romance and erotica on Amazon and many may find it entertaining, but one is of the considered opinion it is the worst sort of degenerative tripe ever composed and distributed to a mass audience.

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