Travel Planning: Prague, Czech Republic

Planning for travel in Prague has been a dream come true! While it’s one thing to study history, nations, geography, and governments, it’s quite another thing to actually walk the paths of those who have come before us. To see what they saw, to experience the city and landscapes others experience.

As white, middle class Americans, we have limited opportunities to achieve hands-on learning overseas. During our current study of the Middle Ages, we’ve discovered new ideas and cultures, but it’s difficult to complete the circle without hands-on activities.

Our Eclectic, Unschooly education is difficult to complete without hands-on activities.

Enter: Our trip to Prague, Czech Republic!


So we started with a map. A basic map of Prague allowed us to begin deciding where we wanted to go, as well as where we wanted to stay. We wanted to do a lot of walking, so no rental car, which is great in Prague. Such an easily, walkable city with great public transportation, made our adventure more affordable and more pleasurable.

Our boys are huge Lego fans, so we knew we’d be spending some time at the Lego Museum. I wanted to make it to as many historical sites as possible, as well as art installations — particularly art by David Černý {great overview in this TIME article}.

Going to Europe, particularly a city that wasn’t decimated in World War II, to appreciate the medieval architecture and walk the cobblestone streets on paths people walked a thousand years ago is my idea of studying history.

Other Resources?

There are a ton of travel resources, but the best travel guide for planning our Prague Adventure is the Honest Guide. His videos made planning what to see, what to skip, and how not to get scammed – from exchange rates to not taking cabs – took a lot of the worry out of our first cross-Atlantic adventure!

The Honest Guide is a 20-somethine duo who work and live in Prague. Their You Tube channel as a ton of videos and every one is hysterical {though not all PG, watch with children at your own risk!}, as well asd a Facebook Page. However, to get a steady stream of fun, you’ve got to follow their feeds on Instagram:



Living History at its’ best.


What tips do you have for planning Prague travel?


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