Fort Maintenance, July 2017

There is always work to do when you own a home. A few months ago, with no leaves on the deciduous trees, the fort only wanted for a good wash and clear coat sealant.

However, with our busy spring now far behind us, and summer in the Pacific Northwest in our midst, we found our trees had completely shaded out the fort!

This is a short video of hail we had on April 18, 2017. As you can see, the trees are just leafing out and spring is on its’ way!


These are the images I took yesterday. The one on the left, you can see {if you look very hard!} the legs of the fort in the heavy shade of the overgrown trees around it. The one on the right, you can actually see the fort, in the sun, as it should be.

Our boys love to use the fort to play, read, and have friends stay the night. However, with it being so overgrown, it was difficult to see out of the windows {getting an upgrade this week} and keep the leaf litter and debris out. If you look closely at the image on the left, you can see the roof of the fort is actually clear corrugated plastic. The sun, and beautiful night skies, had been shaded out.

Now that the sun {and stars!} can shine in, the next steps are to seal the fort, inside and out! With our concurrently running deck project {being resurfaced, out with the first-generation-Trex Decking and in with the natural cedar — swoon ❤ }, we’ll have a lot of sealing to do.

And then I have that tree stump project – making side tables on casters – which will also be getting completed this month.

And the summer just keeps getting better with more camping and travels to come! I can’t wait to share it with you 🙂


What are you doing this month?

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