Seattle Sun: Alki Beach 2017

I was not compensated for this unbiased brief overview. My experience is what I’d consider typical based on my many years of traveling and living in Seattle.

Living in the Pacific Northwest, USA, the official start of summer doesn’t begin until July 4th. As Americans celebrate Independence Day, Pacific Northwesterners also celebrate a sharp break in the weather. The cloudy days all but disappear, sunny days are all but guaranteed to prevail for the coming 60 days or so.



If you don’t follow me over on Instagram, I generally post several images daily of my adventures — exciting and mundane — of life. 

With the sun not yet shining, we set out over the West Seattle Bridge to make our way to the most Southern California-like beach in Seattle: Alki Beach.


We have talked about renting fun bikes out here for years, so we looked first on the coupon sites, like GroupOn, but no current coupons exist. However, we just went to the Wheel Fun Rentals website and were able to get a coupon at the Alki Beach location we planned to rent from — easy money savings!

Complete with all the artistic oddities you’d expect at the beach: Like the Xcessory Car!

The boardwalk begs to be walked, jogged, skated, and biked. Our mission was to rent a quad surrey bike. We found 50% off coupons on the website, but since we arrived shortly after they opened, Wheel Fun had a 50% off early rentals {they took down the sign after we rented as people were starting to show interest!}.

Off we cruised, much to our exertion, down the boardwalk. It’s a lot more difficult to manage than you may think. First, and perhaps thankfully, only one steering wheel of the two in the front seat actually steers. I took the first shift, but happily handed off the obligation to each of my boys. ​​​

They each enjoyed the opportunity to drive, however my older son really took to steering, and I was able to snap a few fun pictures of the Seattle Skyline.

So the food scene was a debacle — though super tasty, it turned into over a two hour excursion. We think the waitress forgot to put in our order, or was distracted, because two tables came, ordered, and left in the 68 minutes it took between the time we ordered and the time we received our entrees. I can’t remember the name of the restaurant, but most change frequently on this strip.

Since it was our first time eating here, I don’t know this is the typical experience, but if we choose to eat there again, we’ll likely order to-go {as those orders were seemingly cooked up first}.

I’m glad we ordered the chips and salsa – our boys were starving!


What did you do this weekend?

4 thoughts on “Seattle Sun: Alki Beach 2017

    1. Thank you so much for linking up! I didn’t post pictures of our bikes, but would love to take a ride at one of your other facilities in exchange for an unbiased, image-laden, review! Thanks for the feature 🙂


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