Strawberry Bourbon Smash

Summer Strawberries🍓

img_6514So delicious, so many, I couldn’t resist trying my hand at a summer drink after seeing a favorite Eastside Seattle eatery, Deru Market, post their version of this luscious drink –

Challenge Accepted!



I trolled recipes and, since I love basil, I opted to also add this. Mmmmmmm… 🌿




So with handfuls of strawberries and basil, some simple syrup, a Vitamix, and Jack Daniels….


Yep – the noise is a bit annoying, but I did throw in stems and all of the basil – and though I brought it all to a boil together when making simple syrup, I didn’t want chunks of green left between my teeth!

img_6784Once chilled, mixed, rims sugared, Strawberries sliced for garnish – I couldn’t resist a taste before I snapped a pic.

So refreshing!


What are you drinking this summer?

8 thoughts on “Strawberry Bourbon Smash

  1. Looks really yummy! I have a few drinks I want to try, I’m a big fan of sangri (mascato wine, rum, and cold tea) with some sliced strawberries 🙂 Our Canadian Caesars are always delicious especially at football games and on patios. And I have a new recipe for strawberry, peaches, and a white or rose mascato for a lighter slushy drink, it might use some peach vodka (in my version). 🙂

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