June Update: Recycled Reads

June 2017, Recycled Reads Tracking

Book Tracker – I’ve not done a great job keeping it updated {weekend goal?} but love creating the intention of a book goal list for the year, but turns out there are always more I want to read!!!

Recycled Reads 2017

Recycled Reads 2017 – I’m on track to finish my 12 books, as well as catch up on our Mensa Reading Lists!

Tangential Note:

As I near the final pages of my first Bullet Journal, I’m deciding whether to copy my year-long trackers and lists over into my new journal or to keep this beauty ever-present on my desk. I’m hoping I can be more disciplined to contain my thoughts in their appropriate places, but let’s be honest — I’m a writer, I love paper and the physical creative output, so as minimal as I strive to be, it’s unlikely to contain itself anytime soon.

Planning, June 2017

📚 But that’s the fun of it 📚

What are you reading this week?

8 thoughts on “June Update: Recycled Reads

      1. It’s a thriller, and I’m just getting familiar with the characters. The car accident wasn’t and there are a lot of underlying sidelines which are beginning to come together. I read No Time for Goodbye by him and thoroughly enjoyed it.

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      1. I like how he makes me want to read more. His chapters are shorter than most novels I’ve read, but they end in a way that peaks my curiosity. Then there’s the settings and the research he puts into his work. I feel like I’m learning things as I read.

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