Castles in the Air


Image Credit Ales Krivec

Castles in the Air

At arms length from the luxuries and perceived privileges of those who reside within, the untouchable.

We see the elegance and grandeur of status, wealth, beauty, and we may see an easy life of opulence, comfort, grace.

The underbelly of those with much is an understanding individual desires are stifled, squelched under the responsibility of the entitlements afforded. Working hard to acquire money, things, power just to discover others are ready, and willing, to bribe and steal it from you.

You work harder to keep what you’ve acquired and find your worry is not enjoyment, but is cross to bear.



Written for: Week 21 – 100 Word Wednesday

How to participate? A few guidelines as we begin….

  1. Simply check my feed, or search the reader, for the 100WW or tag #100WW, post each Wednesday. I’ll also be posting on my Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook Feeds.
  2. Write your submission on your blog, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook Feed and ping back to the weekly blog post. Feel free to use the image provided or your own. Please do credit the artist whose image we use – Links provided 🙂
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  4. I’ll provide a Weekly Summary, or Windup, of posts on or by Tuesday; take the opportunity to read and comment on your fellow bloggers posts {keeping in mind to give each other grace and space}. I’ll try to read them all, but I can’t post your submission in the Weekly Windup if you haven’t posted before the end of the weekend but I’ll do my best to catch ’em all!
  5. Have fun! I enjoy reading your challenge submissions 🙂

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