Changes, they be a Comin’

Change is the only constant in life – Heraclitus, Greek Philosopher

Our family has gone through a plethora of changes in recent months which culminated in my oldest son deciding to start public school Monday. He’s been homeschooled for the past 8 years but decided he needed new challenges.


Oh the challenges. 6:15am? 6:30am? My friends know him as the guy who’ll stay up until 6am reading, but not waking up – by choice – in the 6am hour.

And yet, he is. He is doing it by himself. Happily.

We follow our children’s interests, so why wouldn’t we support him as he begins this new learning journey?

All that being said, a series of posts – a book – in and of itself…I’m running behind.

We’ve met a lot of nice teachers and staff at the school. My goodness: the paperwork, the catching up on syllabi, the family getting used to a public school schedule.

For the first time EVER.

Bikurgram *

And the backpack…oh my goodness! This thing, when fully packed, weighs over 30 pounds. I didn’t dare weigh it as I was already threatening to tell my son I would be getting him a roller bag to pull that load. I’m sure once he gets in a groove, he’ll be able to better manage the load of papers.

Our school district actually distributes laptops, so he doesn’t have many physical books. Text on-line, on-line math homework, typing papers on-line – and I realize: it’s been 30 years since I was in Middle School.

Holy shit: how many books do I still have from Middle School? I’m definitely decluttering and donating a load of those this week!

In short, my younger son is still eclectically homeschooling. He’s actually taking a pretty awesome Falconry class which culminates this week in his being able to fly a raptor.


And that’s what it’s about: We really do follow our children’s interests as best we can. We are blessed to live in Washington State which is full of homeschoolers, homeschool support groups, and so many activities.

My older son is really enjoying the experience of learning what it’s like to attend a public school. We start day 3 at 6:30 (ish) am. Say a prayer for us, wish us luck, and thank you for your continued readership and support ❤


*Excuse the Screenshot – I didn’t bother to try to upload images tonight, so enjoy the plethora of tabs I have open for public school, homeschool, blogging, Instagram, and researching summer opportunities for my homeschooler and now (almost teenaged!) public schooler!

13 thoughts on “Changes, they be a Comin’

    1. 🙂 Our household is always abuzz with busy business 😉 I’m not sure it’s a positive or negative, but in this season: it merely is. Thank you for stopping by for your kind encouragement!


    1. For him, it was more about ‘missing out’ on the public school experience! He’s considering high school and college options which he’s beginning to explore. It’s a common misconception homeschoolers are socially inept or behind. In fact, we’ve found in our circles, homeschoolers are so embedded in their communities and activities with people of many ages and backgrounds. Following their interests enthusiastically, homeschoolers aren’t limited to others their own age as their peer group, but can draw from a wide swath of multi-age, oftentimes multi-generational, people to engage with others who share their passions and interests. In fact, my sons biggest complaint about public school is the fact that there are so many children who are disrespectful in classes and don’t seem to want to be there. Conversely, many students have grilled him as to why he would give up homeschooling to go to public school! Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts 😊

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    1. Ah-Ha! Of course you do!! It’s an amazing program for our homeschoolers — the Falconer is teaching the children about different classes of falcons and steps to falconry should they want to pursue it in the future!


      1. I couldn’t agree more! Becoming a falconer is such a long process in the US. There are levels of falconry, types of falcons {and raptors} you can own at what level, and of course how many you can have based on your purpose … really fascinating! I thought it would work into our Medieval History studies well, but there’s always so much more to discover. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting ❤

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