31 Days of Revolutionary Women, #23: Sumeya B.

I am blessed to know this amazing young woman featured in the story. This weaver of words, this loud, rambunctious, wonderful human being: She and her lovely family are our oldest friends in the Pacific Northwest ❤

It is with love and humble admiration I give you this piece written for a remarkable young woman ❤


South Seattle Emerald

In honor of Women’s History Month, we present 31 Days of Revolutionary Women; a series of daily essays by local authors documenting, honoring and celebrating powerful women who inspire us in South Seattle and beyond.

by Alouise Urness

Sumeya B. is a twelve-year old revolutionary woman. An only child of a Muslim father who was born Jewish and a mother who was raised Christian, she’s finding a unique path through her world. Sitting down to talk with her across our laptops at their Central Seattle home one rainy Saturday morning, I run a check of my new recording app, to make sure it will catch her words. “Oh, don’t worry, I have a loud voice,” Sumeya reassures me.

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