🍀Happy Saint Patrick’s Day 2017🍀


At my house, it’s all about the pancakes.

We started off the day with our traditional Green Pancakes.

First: Yes – this is a Sesame Street cookbook which has the best scratch pancake recipe hands down! Pancakes are a staple in my house. Second: I do use artificial food dye, but stress not as it’s only once or twice a year and makes this tradition so much fun 🍀

We spent the day outside while it wasn’t raining, then headed inside for some fun with our eclectic interest-led learning {homeschool} where we played games and read about Ireland, Irish culture, and retold the story of Saint Patrick.

So I made this Shepherds Pie because at my house, it’s not Saint Patrick’s Day without it (or lamb stew, but I go to Wilde Rover for that!).

It comes together easily with my easy mashed potatoes to top. I opted out of the peas called for in the recipe {my husband isn’t a fan}. While cooking, I had to listen to Irish Punk, and other Irish bands, on my phone through the Pandora Radio app 📻

I tried the Flogging Molly station I created, but I find oftentimes you don’t get to hear the songs from the artist your looking for. The Dropkick Murphy’s are a great band, so I simply created a station with their music. Unfortunately, my favorite Flogging Molly song never played, but it’s easily found on You Tube🍀

After much merriment and most of a delicious Portland, Oregon beer, we were finally ready to fulfill deliciousness and eat:


Dinner is served!

Hope you had a wonderful Friday, and if you celebrate it: Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


How do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

17 thoughts on “🍀Happy Saint Patrick’s Day 2017🍀

    1. Ha Ha! I understand 😉 If I could only break the cycle of carbs in my house, but alas my youngest rarely eats a meal that isn’t 95% carbs — especially now that he’s having orthodontics! I won’t lie: the pie was tremendously delicious! The gravy was spot-on amazing. I choose to use the authors tip for adding ketchup instead of tomato paste, which may have made all the difference. I also wouldn’t have chose chicken stock for beef, but it gave the gravy a lighter consistency without sacrificing the flavor. This will be our go-to recipe 🍀


  1. That all looks delicious, and I’d be happy to get into the spirit with the green pancakes — they’re very festive! I didn’t get to make (or even eat) any Irish food this time around, although I did indulge in some Guinness Extra Stout. Happy St Patrick’s Day!

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  2. I grew up with corned beef and cabbage on St. Paddy’s day. I made it yesterday to rave reviews. But I also appreciate a good shepherds pie. My drink of choice is Irish whiskey. Looks like you had a wonderful day. Erin go bragh.

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