‘Oreo’ Chocolate Cake

It wasn’t supposed to be an Oreo Cake, but when we couldn’t decide between chocolate and vanilla buttercream frosting: The ‘Oreo’ Cake was born!


We always use the tried and true Hershey’s Chocolate Cake recipe with vanilla buttercream frosting between the layers and chocolate buttercream frosting on the outside.

It seems pretty easy, right? Well, add to this that we decided to make a layered cake. I usually make this cake into a bundt cake like I did at our Fat Tuesday celebration at church with a little sifted powered sugar on top — or my husband’s favorite, Hershey’s chocolate frosting recipe made a bit thin {with milk} to drizzle over the top. img_7297

I made a bit of a leap of faith thinking the square brownie pans would work well with the layered cake. I have but one cake keeper, my Libby glass domed cake, so the square cakes had to be rounded. My boys didn’t mind eating the “crusts” on this one! I used parchment paper under the cake layers – so that as I cut the corners {literally} and frosted the cake, I could keep the glass dome clean. I do this whenever I frost or sift powdered sugar over cakes in my cake keeper.

As a child, my mother made me this cake innumerous times for my birthday. In turn, I’ve made this cake — as both cake and cupcakes — for my own boys birthdays. I make it for picnics, gatherings, potlucks, and more. It’s my go-to recipe.

If you don’t like using Hershey’s brand for whatever reason – no worries: any unsweetened cocoa will do.

The boys slurp it down with a big glass of milk, well, one with a glass of water, and sweet tooths are satisfied.

Being able to bake and play with my children: priceless ❤


What’s your go-to cake recipe?

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20 thoughts on “‘Oreo’ Chocolate Cake

  1. Mouthwatering, for sure 🙂 I often make a Dutch Chocolate Applesauce Cake–very moist, and I don’t make it too sweet; I sprinkle powdered sugar on top, rather than frosting–and sometimes I add pecans to the recipe.

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