I’ve Never Regretted Spending Their Childhoods With Them

17 thoughts on “I’ve Never Regretted Spending Their Childhoods With Them

    1. I’ve had family and friends over the years ponder to me why I didn’t ‘take a break, get away’…as it turns out, I love being with my children — and even when it’s hard, it’s the place I want to be the most. They are my heart of hearts, my world, and giving them secure and loving starts for their lives — that’s my job, my life’s work. One day my boys will be all grown and have lives of their own. I feel privileged to care for and love these sweet young men. Thank you kindly ❤

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      1. I feel exactly the same as you. I don’t like going anywhere without my boys either and really miss them when I do have too. Sometimes this reluctance to be away has its downside, I have to get up at 3.45am next week Wednesday to fly to Cape Town as I decided not to go the evening before.

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      1. You are so sweet, but no — I’m fatally flawed and only have some things together sometimes 😉 Thank you so much for your kind words, though! 🙂


      2. Ha Ha! Depends on the day, but we do have pretty awesome relationships. I cherish my children. I remind them I’m not raising children, I’m raising adults. Someday, they’ll be adults – and while they don’t always appreciate my trumping their desires and enforcing boundaries, I do honestly love their company and we value each others thoughts, interests, and interactions. I’ve made lots of mistakes, and I’ll make many, many more, but my children are my greatest treasure – my life’s work. Their happiness and success – good childhoods filled with experiences, love, and labor – will give them the best start I can give them in life. You are so very kind — thank you 🙂


      3. I weep as I read your words, your heart–there are children (even in the nicest American homes) who never get that kind of mothering, the nurturing that grows GOOD adults of strong character and generous hearts. The pain of neglect and abuse is lasting, and leaves crippled adults a terrible legacy. I thank God that you and your children will be spared that.

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      4. Thank you so much for your kindness! I agree that not only my children will be spared, but they will grow up to be men who will also, ‘be the change’ they wish to see in the world. 🌎🌍🌏


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