Medieval Clothing Workshop 

So much to learn!


23 thoughts on “Medieval Clothing Workshop 

  1. Wow, that is SO cool! I’ve been reading “A History of Costume” by Carl Kohler to help get a better idea of the clothing styles for my various fictional societies, but seeing the fabric and notions real and up close really brings it to life in a way drawings and B&W photos just don’t. That leather thimble is amazing; I’ve never seen one! Loved the tools all laid out too, and the naturally dyed yarns, and the close-up on the hose. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. I also watched that recently! As it turns out, subtle differences in style and accessories make all the difference! Oh, and of course natural fibers are a must😉


  2. This is fascinating. Taking lessons at a Medieval History Museum sounds so interesting. I am absolutely NO good at things domestic like sewing, weaving, knitting and such, so greatly admire the talent in others.
    I write stories set in a sort of fantasy medievalish world, so like Joy, it is fascinating to see the materials up close. I’ve seen costumes and patterns, but to see the materials and notions — that gives it, as Joy says, a more intimate and immediate sense of the clothing.
    Wonderful post — especially since you weren’t feeling the best.
    Home schooling does allow for so much exploration on a intimate level. Another thing that I admire.

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