Quarter 8/20: Normal CA-125 Reading!

Another Happy Repeat:My quarterly Cancer Antigen reading was within normal limits

**Almost** Halfway!!


I cannot be considered cancer-free until I’ve received 5 years of quarterly testing within the ‘normal’ limits…

Only 12 quarters to go!!


Links: Want to know more about my diagnosis/recovery? CA-125? 7/20 Quarterly update?

What are you thankful for today?

12 thoughts on “Quarter 8/20: Normal CA-125 Reading!

  1. I’m thankful for everything about my life😎

    I can’t imagine what it would be like to deal with a cancer diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. You’re a courageous soul with an amazing attitude😍

    Wish you nothing but the best!

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  2. Hooray! Every good test is a step in the right direction! I am past the 5-year mark on my remission (thyroid) and boy, it’s a good place to be.

    I am thankful for…. having great health insurance and using it to GO TO THE DOCTOR. Yeah, it might be nothing, folks. But it might be cancer. And cancer is the kind of thing that doesn’t get better if you ignore it. It gets the opposite of better.

    I’m glad you went to the doctor. 🙂

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    1. Hmmm…I don’t know, but it’s a great idea! For me, I just hold my breath a little. Every quarter it gets easier, I get closer to the goal of being declared cancer free 🙂 Thanks for your kind words and for stopping by!


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