Happy 1000 IG Post!

I posted my 1000th image on Instagram today!! If you’re on, come by and say hello! 

I’d love to see what you’re doing over there as well — so leave a reply with your IG username and I’ll check it out!!

BTW: If this turns out funky — my apologies! I’m trying the App to post while my boys are at soccer practice! ⚽️️

Happy Friday!!!

11 thoughts on “Happy 1000 IG Post!

    1. I am a bit obsessed with Instagram. Not as many memes as Facebook, not as wordy {unless you want it to be!} as Twitter…following family, friends, and other bloggers {areadingwriter, jademwong}, photographers, {dvnaman, anjobeckersphotography}, performance artists {kinetickristen, safirehoopdance}, museums {pacsci, ctr4woodenboats, burkemuseum}, businesses {REI, National Geographic}, causes {National Parks, Rescue Animals} …beautiful imagery {labelsforlunch, outofprint — I’m a very visual person}, and another way to connect with people with similar interests — writers {mirakeeapp, mandibelle16}, bullet journalists/planners {boho.berry, showmeyourplanner, passionplanner}, homeschoolers {thehomeschoolsisters, my_little_poppies}, foodies {simplegreensmoothies, thetiny_kitchen}. My Instagram feed tends to be a bit more personal than much of my writing I share on my blog – lots of games images, dogs, meals… Can you tell I love it? πŸ˜‰ I think I need to write a post! Thanks for the inspiration πŸ™‚


      1. No worries. I think that promotion would be good. Overall, the more personally invested in someone I am, the more I am driven to read what the person has to say. It’s more personal than FB, Twitter, or Pintrest — it’s also a way of communicating with fellow writers on a human level.


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