Recycled Read 2017: Lassie Come-Home

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Thank YOU for joining me for Recycled Reads 2017!

I selected 12 books I’ve had on my shelf and not read. Reading through tomes sitting untouched on my shelf feeds directly into My year of CLean – deciding whether or not to keep the books may be a tougher decision!

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Lassie Come-Home is on my boys Mensa Reading List – I just happen to be the last one to read this one. While I’d seen re-runs of the television show as a child, I’d never read any of the books. Part of our following the MENSA reading list is my own desire to read many classics I’ve never read, nor been exposed to. I’m amazed how many of these wonderful books eluded me all these years.

On the other hand, I read nearly every book by Stephen King as a child, so I suppose I had a different education?

This was a lovely tale reminiscent of All Creatures Great and Small, a 2016 Recycled Read. The English countryside in an early 20th century setting. The people, places, and lifestyles are a journey back in time. Lovely imagery of the spaces and places inhabited by the protagonists in these stories. Lassie’s journey home is one of perilous danger, fear, but also kindness and love.

A quick read, uplifting and {mostly} sweet, I’d happily recommend this classic.

Let me know if you’ve read this book and what your thoughts are, especially if you’ve read the book 🙂


What is your latest read? How did you like this book? Is it on your 2017 Reading List?

What is ‘Recylced Reads’ 2017?


Image Credit Bikurgurl, Recycled Reads 2017

The gist: Read what you have on your shelf. If you’ve read it all, then swap books with friends, enjoy a trip to the library to find a dozen you’d like to read, or classics you may have missed along the way, and read away.

The rules: There really are no rules — it’s all about giving yourself the grace and space to take the time for you. I enjoy reading, so naturally, this is a challenge I could embrace.

My dozen are books for 2017:

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