Recycled Reads 2017

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It’s that time of year again to dig through my bookshelves and decide what books to keep and what books to donate. For years, I’ve hung on to books that I wanted to read but haven’t actually read.

Bikurgurl 2017: Recycled Reads

I challenge myself to read books I’ve been given, or have been sitting on my shelf, by choosing 12 books – one per month – for the year. Can I read more? Sure! But I choose 12 books off the shelf that I’ve not read then commit to reading those books in one year.

Sounds easy: 12 books, 12 months in a year, 1 book a month?

It is. Totally doable.

So I jumped in to join: In April! I was fashionably late to the party, and I’m so happy I joined. Simply making the commitment to read more just for myself enabled me to carve out time to read for myself nearly daily. It’s helped me start new habits as I begin this new chapter of my life.

Now I invite you to join in!

You? Yes You!

Simply go to your bookshelves, e-readers, a friend, or family bookshelf and choose 12 books you already own. Snap an image, draw a picture, make a list, and commit to reading those books in 2017!

I would love to see what you’re reading and hear how you liked your choices. What made you choose the book? Where did you get it? Can you even remember why those books are there? If you blog, Tweet, or Instagram, ping back to this post with your list. A sort of friendly-to-yourself to do with what you have and allow yourself to be a bit grace and space in completing it!

What is Recylced Reads 2017?


Image Credit Bikurgurl, Recycled Reads 2017

The gist: Read what you have on your shelf. If you’ve read it all, then swap books with friends, enjoy a trip to the library to find a dozen you’d like to read, or classics you may have missed along the way, and read away.

The rules: There really are no rules — it’s all about giving yourself the grace and space to take the time for you. I enjoy reading, so naturally, this is a challenge I could embrace.

My dozen are books for 2017:

Give yourself the grace and space to take the time for you. I enjoy reading, so naturally, this is a challenge I could embrace.


The other books I didn’t quite fit into last year’s list, but may try to read in 2017:

Thanks to Prabhat, of Dancing with Mosquitoes, for introducing me to, and encouraging me, to do join the 2016 Recycled Book Reading Challenge!

What books on your shelf are waiting to be read?


Please see the 411 for full disclosure on affiliate posts — and thank you for reading!

6 thoughts on “Recycled Reads 2017

  1. Hi! This is wonderful! I love the bookshelf artwork so much! Absolutely wonderful! Great you have your list ready! Last year i motivated you, this time you are the motivator! ☺ Thankyou so much! Cheers to reading!

    Liked by 1 person

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