In response to Frank Jansen, of Dutch Goes the Photo, my thoughts on his beautiful imagery entitled ‘Sense of Loss’, for The Daily Post prompt: ‘Someday’. I saw this as less of loss than I did of gaining freedom.

Image Credit: Frank Jansen Photography, Sense of Loss

The Legend of the Butterfly

The life cycle of the butterfly is well documented.

Butterflies begin their lives as an egg, carefully laid upon a plant. The eggs develop mature, and hatch into tiny caterpillars. Laid in quantity, due to their susceptibility to predation, the caterpillar eats, grows, and develops. Once it has sufficient body weight to sustain metamorphosis, the caterpillar will create a chrysalis to surround itself in a beautiful, yet protective, cloak of protection. Finally, a butterfly emerges transformed from it’s former life to begin the life cycle anew.

Enter: The Legend of the Butterfly

The Native American legend tells of the benevolent Great Spirit to whom will grant your wish if you catch a butterfly, release it to the heavens, where it can carry the message to the heavens unspoken.

In Christian circles, there are several variations of the legend. One discusses how all of nature wept when Jesus was crucified and laid in the tomb. The caterpillar encases itself in a chrysalis which Jesus touched as he left the tomb – thereby releasing a beautiful butterfly. Another legend discusses the life of Christ as being demonstrated in the life cycle of the butterfly, taking the weight of the world on Himself, dying on the cross to save us from our sins, and emerging transformed to become one with the Father.

I prefer the legend that likens the transformation of Christians once they ask Jesus to enter their hearts. Transformed from the inside out, Jesus changes us intrinsically from a person of the world to a person of Christ. We are works in progress as He transforms us, if only we will let Him.



Souls bound

Until Released

Of worldly matters

Shackled lives shorn

Our angel arrives:

Living with Him




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