Please keep your pets inside ❤️

Bikurgurl 2017, Our Rescue Dogs

Winter Safety Tip: Keep your inside pets inside!

This is a seemingly totally random thought, but I was reading an emailed summary of thoughts from a blogger I follow. In this summary, this homeschool blogger had a list of items she suggested if readers were having problems with illness this winter.

Generally in advice columns like this, I scan the list and move along with my day. However, I was shocked — actually horrified — that the blogger suggested to her readers to leave pets outside if they were having illness or allergies.

I stopped in my tracks.

I read and re-read the suggestion. I don’t know about your part of the world, but here in the Pacific Northwest, we’re experiencing some of the coldest temperatures we experience period. Let alone it being winter where it drizzles pretty much non-stop.

For this blogger, who is also a pet owner mind you {a dog owner at that!} to suggest putting animals outside in these weather conditions? I am appalled. I find the suggestion irresponsible. For pets whom are accustomed to being inside year-round, to be hoisted outside at the coldest time of the year – with no mention of the pet safety with regard to winter weather or appropriate shelter for animals during the winter months.

It’s one thing if your animal is used to being outside, has abundant access to appropriate shelter, but quite another for the animal to be pushed out on a whim. I’m not suggesting that is what the author was implying or intended at all — but we have a responsibility as bloggers, as fellow human beings…to think before we write.

Think about implications of our suggestions and consider we may have readers who take us at our word once our suggestions are made. I can say what works for me and my family, but in that statement I’m sharing a story – not implying you adhere to my suggestion.

If you are interested in reading more about pets and the dangers of weather, both hot and cold, a first search for me turned up this article from the American Veterinarian Medical Association. Keep in mind, my father is a hunter and does have dogs who stay outside year-round – however, those dogs are provided shelter inside an outdoor building with access to water – unfrozen – as well as adequate bedding in the winter.

Responsible pet owners would never take this advice off-hand: And maybe that’s the bigger suggestion to us all. We need to be responsible bloggers. We also need to be responsible readers. As such, I’ve sent off an email to this blogger – whom I respect – to kindly ask her to reconsider a retraction. I’ll let you know if I hear anything.

In the meantime, if you are having issues with colds and allergies this winter, I suggest you talk with your health care provider and run any suggestions made by also speaking with your veterinarian!

Be safe this cold, winter season,


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