2017: Get Healthy

One of my short-term goals in 2017: Get Healthy!

Bikurgurl 2017, Get Healthy

As I brainstormed last month, and began taking action, I wanted a consistent place to track and brainstorm all of my 2017 goals — one place as a touchstone to capture it all.
Bikurgurl 2017, Getting into my new Leuchtturm 1917

I’m finally getting into my 2017 planning!

Bikurgurl 2017, Darkpaw sad to see me in bed all day

Bikurgurl 2017, Bullet Journal and Current Read

Bikurgurl 2017, Reclaiming a journal from my boys youth

We’ll, I’ve actually been planning all year. What I’ve not done is adhered strictly to the bullet journal lifestyle.

I don’t like to follow the creative rules.

But I’ve been writing through Travelers notebooks monthly, sometimes more, and I was losing track of my lists. I started a separate notebook in my collection I carry with me, but twice it served as overflow while I was out for note taking.

Bikurgurl 2017, Daily and Travelers Notebooks with the New Leuchtturm

After my sick day, trying to salvage my old journal, I broke the binding yesterday.


So errand running today, my husband and boys decided to have movie day.

Enter ‘Momma Day’ 😊

Bikurgurl 2017, Blurred with Giddiness of my new Leuchtturm 1917

I went to Ben Franklin and bought my first Leuchtturm 1917 with the Christmas money from my parents.

Thank you!! 

Their generosity allows me to splurge-on me! New journal, new pens, dinner out alone. Could I have used my own money net, yes, but I wouldn’t.

I am much more thrifty with my own funds and spending money on myself!

Bikurgurl 2017, Thanks Mom and Dad

So thank you, mom and dad, for a day just for me: Journal Shopping, dinner at Panera Bread, and your endless support.

It’s quiet, I’m one of 3 customers: perfection!

Now to begin the ink-letting. Follow my progress over on Instagram! You can also see my Instagram feed to the right of my blog – Bikurgram 😉


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12 thoughts on “2017: Get Healthy

  1. Good luck on getting organized and achieving all your goals 😀 I’m a lover of planners and journals and I’ve found they’ve worked wonders for me in getting my stuff together. Hopefully, they’ll work for you too!

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  2. So there are still Ben Franklin stores???!!! I remember that store from my childhood, didn’t think they still existed–WOW!! I admire your “planning”–I’m not so good at it…but re getting healthy, I am taking vitamins this year (had a drawer full of them which I’d been ignoring–too depressed–but now that I seriously want to live, have a bright future ahead, vitamins sounded like a good start!). God bless you abundantly!

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    1. Yes indeed! I was surprised to find them too, but they are alive and well in Western Washington State! The prices are crazy, but if I can’t find it at Michael’s, I can usually find it there 🙂 Check with your doctor on quantity and type, because I’m no physician, but as I’ve gotten older and needed more calcium after my surgeries. My doctor suggested I add Vitamin D, particularly in the Pacific Northwest overcast winters, which gives me energy {and I hear can give a lift to mood as well!}. Blessings to you!


      1. You’re in Western Wash?? Wow! We probably had this conversation and my old brain lost it somewhere…I’m north of Seattle, not quite to Everett. And yes, I probably should add some extra Vit D–thanks for the reminder, I need to go have my blood work done–arrghh. And now I’m going to find out where the Ben Franklin’s are!!! Exciting 🙂 Mucho blessings to you, dear heart ❤

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