2017: The Year of CLean

Each year my husband and I begin the year with a new goal.

2015 was The Year of Less

2016 was The Year of Quality

We discuss what we’ll be tackling in the coming year, upcoming events, goals, and challenges. Our desires waver from just making it through to ambitious years, like this past one, with a complete

Bikurgurl 2016 – Mirrors

overhaul of our home.

As I stated in my recap of 2017, it’s been a fabulous year for our family. I’ve gone another year with no evidence of cancer, which is another year closer to my being deemed cancer-free! Our hard work in saving and stretching our dollars came to fruition by being able to have some remodeling completed to our home to bring it out of the 1980’s and into the modern era. Our boys continue to grow and learn through our eclectic homeschooling; our challenge is to continue to challenge them!

Of course, resting on our relative success doesn’t propel us forward to achieve greater goals. We must continue to strive to learn and grow as there is no end age on self advancement. It =n be difficult to accept failure; seeking out opportunities where success isn’t a given. However, failure is necessary for personal growth. I’ve found that most of our progress is actually achieved by our failures, mistakes, or missteps. Failure helps sort the steps when life inevitably doesn’t go according to plan.

Success is often a variable, flukish mix of circumstances. Failure is the opportunity to find the finite reasons for future success. @Bikurgurl

Why then begin the year knowing success is elusive? Perfection a mere mirage.

Knowing failure is inevitable actually allows me the freedom to stop the analysis paralysis. I can stop waiting for the right time, the right situation, the right frame and boldly continue marching forward. I don’t have to wait until I’ve found ‘the perfect _______’ —

I can move forward with the confidence that what I have, what I am, is enough.


Bikurgurl 2017 – CLean

To that end, this years theme is the year of CLean. Clean, Lean … clean eating, clean living, leaner figure, leaner goals. I’ve had a multitude of changes I’ve tried to make, usually at once, and some of it sticks – most of it doesn’t.

2017: CLean

  • I will become leaner by eating cleaner
  • I will streamline my home by minimizing the number of things
  • I will lean into those activities that are uncomfortable for my health
  • I will let go of those things that aren’t working
  • I will let go of those things that don’t provide happy memories
  • I will forgo those things that don’t keep me clean and lean
  • I will lean on God and my peeps for support

Maxim: Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

As the new year rolls in, I’m planning on success. I’ve used a plethora of calendars and planners over the years, and this year is no different. As my needs grow and change, so does what I need in a calendar or planner. I typically have two: One personal and One family. I sometimes also have a third planner for homeschooling, but have morphed the homeschool and family plan into one as we homeschool together and we family together…but my personal goals and planner I keep just for me.

What is your word for 2017?


3 thoughts on “2017: The Year of CLean

  1. And here I was thinking that your goal was going to be to clean and reduce clutter in your home — which would be ambitious enough. Great goals! I love the idea that each year has a theme. I have a number of new year goals, but I suppose if I had to use one word it would be “prioritize.” I’ve been realizing that one reason I’m not getting doing what I want is that I’m spending too much time on low-priority items and wasting time on TV and stupid internet stuff. So all my goals about better health and more socializing and reading more come down to that: take greater care to spend time on what matters.

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    1. I know exactly what you mean. It’s easy to get mired in the muck…I’ve found bullet journaling and setting specific daily goals helps — but it’s not perfect for me yet 😉 Thanks for stopping by and joining the conversation — hope you join the Recycled Reads 😉

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      1. I’ve heard about bullet journaling, but anything involving handwriting is an automatic fail for me. Unless it’s post-it notes; those I can do. 😉 I’m still looking for the perfect system of keeping track of daily and longer term goals, tasks, etc. Lately there have been so many things on my to-do list that I can’t even bear to look at it some mornings; it’s just too stressful. Which of course means that I need to prioritize better, see?!? Working on it…. 😉

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