2016 Retrospective

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I’ve enjoyed having so much time with my boys over the last month, but I won’t lie: I have missed working on my blog regularly! I have big plans to freshen it up in the New Year, as well as evaluating what worked — and more importantly, what didn’t like my 2015 edition — but today, a quick look back over the past year…

Homeschooling: An integral part of our family, we live, love, and learn together!

Construction: Holy cow! Remodeling is finally coming to an end…more on this later!

Planning: I wrote a series: Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, & Step 4 on how I Corral the Crazy

Reading: Still working through my Recycled Reads, and so much more!

Writing: Lots of blogging, writing challenges, and even some on my own novels

Gardening: Oh how my garden grew as the construction went on inside!

Food: Yum

Games: Pokemon Go! Has totally taken over our fall and early winter, but board games and outdoor games are still the best — I had many game reviews, and many more to come!

And so much more…but now, my family calls!

Thanks for the ‘Retrospective 2016’ inspiration, Frank! Check out his lovely blog for your own inspiration 🙂

Wishing you and yours, a Happy New Year!


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