Duct Tape and other Tween Dreams

Bikurgurl 2016: My boy as Coraline” target=”_blank”>Coraline

My tween boy didn’t ask for much for Christmas {our wish lists are due by Thanksgiving} which I posted on my blog, but books and games are crowding the idea cloud for him. His grandmother is also considering getting him a Kindle {without the G3!}.

At the top of his list? Duct tape.

Sound weird? Well, not really. For a maker, a builder, a creative mind — duct tape is the perfect gift. Pair it with this book my boys have been building from, and you’ve got days of full activities!

But if you’re looking for something more ‘traditionally’ educational, we also love to give experience gifts. Memberships to museums and zoos, or tickets to events with a friend or one parent, are special. They won’t always ask, but tucking in e-tickets set the date in stone. Once you’ve marked it off your calendar and paid, you’ve got a date with one of your favorite guys!

I saved up and splurged on Luzia Tickets for my husband — he loves Cirque shows! Guaranteed date night success 🙂

Back to my son…

Online classes or classes with friends are fun ways to work together on mutual interests. I’ve set up a blacksmithing and welding class. We also made a wish list of things we’d like to try and, thankfully in our area, many offer first free session to try out the sport, class, or skill set and we’ve tried many of those out in December.

Knowing how loved he is, memories of him, your thoughts, written down — that’s something we do in our daily journals we share, which is also immensely impactful. All that takes is a notebook. Something fancy, bound, simple, decorated…doesn’t matter.

Starting something with your boys, building memories and your relationship….isn’t that the best gift of all?


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