Christmas Wish Lists 2016

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Black Friday may be a traditional day for shoppers, but not for us. We enjoy getting out and enjoying the world! However, I’m nothing if not a planner. My children have an annual deadline of Thanksgiving for turning in their wish lists to me for us, their parents, as well as extended family far and wide.

Image Credit: Bikurgurl 2001, Christmas Past with Buster

Since we only see our extended family in person about once per year, they enjoy sending the boys things they’d like to have. Since Amazon Prime membership allows for free shipping on many items, this is generally their preferred method {if they’re not sending a packed box or envelope of goodies!}.

So this gift card is always a welcome sight by our nieces and nephews to get whatever is on their lists!

Thinking about wish list, we also think about experiences, not just things, which they could add to their lists. I talked about our annual Holiday planning, and actually have come up with an even larger list after discussion with my boys, including the zoo lights, aquariums, sledding, and snow ball fights.

But since all the grandparents have Amazon Prime, these are their Amazon Gift Wish Lists:

My Younger Son (age 10):

For my older son (age 12):

We’ll be traveling and taking many adventures in the coming months that I’m looking forward to sharing with you through my blog posts — in addition to my writing. Looking forward to having you along!

What’s on your Wish List this Season?


Grace and Space – Give ourselves, and each other, a little gift of it today 🙂

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