Game Review: Dixit

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Image by Bikurgurl 2016, DixIt Board Game

Game: Dixit

  • Game Time: 30 minutes
  • Ease of Use: Easy Peasy {except Scoring. Scoring is a sore spot in this game which lowers the fun factor for our set.}
  • Our Family Rating: 3/5

We borrowed this fun board game from friends of ours and had a blast playing it — both as a family and with our friends! We’re lucky in that our friends have also purchased several extension packs to the game with many more cards, so the fun can continue far past the 30 minute time frame. We also generally stop keeping score after the first ‘winner’ and just play for fun!

To begin, choose a pawn. The wooden bunny shaped pawns are super cute, and depending on which way you set them, they can look like different things: a whale or fish…it’s all about using your imagination.

Next, deal the cards and start to play! Game play is very much like Apples to Apples in that the person whose turn it is gives a clue. I like to phrase my clue in the form of a song – it makes my children roll their eyes, but soon everyone is humming along and having a great time coming up with their own clever clues!

Once the clue is given, everyone chooses an image from their deck and places it face down in front of the person who gave the clue. The person who gave the clue also submits their card, does a card wash, then places the cards face up on the table.

Players then choose a token with the coordinating number and place it face down on the table. House rules for us {as in Apples to Apples!}: NO TABLE TALK. This persuasion is effective for the loudest, or most dramatic, but doesn’t generally play well for the whole of the group. The key is the players have to choose their choice quickly.

A note about clues: The clue should be vague enough for there to be multiple cards which could correspond, but not so vague that none of the images would fit. My standard clue in

Image by Bikurgurl, 2016, DixIt

Dixit is to sing, “This Little Light of Mine” which could be a candle, lightbulb, flame, etc. As you can see, there is a candle, a torch, and many more possible guesses.

Who wins each hand?

Well, it’s a bit confusing, but stick with me here: Everyone flips over their corresponding number and places it on the image. If your image is chosen, even if you’re not the clue giver, and you receive one point per guess. Then, the clue giver gets a point for each guess, unless no other cards are chosen. The clue giver cannot vote with his or her number because the other rule is you cannot vote for your own image.

There are a couple of other little rules, but this is the biggest point of controversy for us in the whole game. While the general game concept is fun, unlike Apples to Apples where we can walk away feeling like we had a good time, oftentimes when we play Dixit someone feels as if they weren’t given a ‘fair shake’ at the game and should have had more points if it weren’t for someone changing their mind at the last minute or if the clue was better.

In a word: It can be a bit too subjective. That being said, my husband and I really love the game. While it appears initially to be geared toward children, it’s really a great game for adults. A good way to break the ice, get to know one another, and have a fun time doing it!

What games are you playing with your family this Thanksgiving?


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