Operation Christmas Child 2016

One of our traditions is to pack boxes for Operation Christmas Child.

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We start thinking about packing up our boxes in the summer. When we’re shopping for school supplies, we start dreaming about what items we’ll put into our boxes for the children we will pray about this Christmas season.

We focus our efforts on packing boxes with supplies and items we’d like for our own boys to have. Since our homeschool enjoys art, we like packing boxes with art supplies. We add a small lovey, or stuffed animal, dental supplies, and writing utensils with paper.

This year we added a fun tambourine – music is a beautiful thing 🙂

Because we write, we want to give our children the tools to tell their stories – whatever they may be. We want these children to know they are loved, they are cared about, they are prayed for.

Want to pack your own box? Donate? See more at Samaritans Purse.



6 thoughts on “Operation Christmas Child 2016

  1. This is a beautiful and wonderful thing to do. I have done it every year since I was about fourteen. Sometimes I fill a box, other times I donate to the project. I imagine with kids it’s fun to pick out the present for the other child. I did learn however sometimes money is best because they can get special deals. So many people send stuff that aren’t allowed. But either way, I’m glad you participate with your kid. And I know you will be careful to send exactly the right items. Hope you are doing good 😉

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    1. We’ve been doing this the last handful of years we’ve been going to our church. We enjoy packing them, choosing the items, and praying over the children who will receive them. Thank you so much for your insight — good to see there are so many people who are involved in this project 🙂

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      1. Sounds like a fun thing for you so I don’t think it matters. There is more giving and teaching from this than only putting together the box to a child who needs a Christmas present –which is so vital. But so is picking out items and learning to give for your own kid, and spending time with his Mom 🙂
        have a great week!

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    1. You are so sweet! It’s kindness like yours that is easily reciprocated – but sometimes we need to reach out beyond ourselves through small acts that become part of our traditions/lifestyle. Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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