Stepping on my Soapbox: Election 2016

I haven’t really wanted to comment much on the Presidential Election 2016, but let’s face it: we’re down to the wire and I have to briefly speak my mind.

Speaking my mind on the especially heinous of ads, Twitter feeds, and Facebook: A place where I keep in touch with friends and family close and far, as well as other homeschoolers, journaling, and writing groups.

Needless to say, I have a diverse group of people I interact with on that medium. Homeschoolers, Native Seattlites, family and friends from the Midwest USA….the melting pot is deep, wide, and rich. I enjoy the diversity.

Meme: Buffalo Trace Whiskey

After reading a post on a friends Facebook page, a person I like and respect, from the Huffington Post {I won’t post a link as it is clearly written to incite non-Trump voters, but one could clearly insert Hillary on similar charges if one wanted to elicit a similar ‘hate-Hillary-supporters’ message}. Simply said: I was disgusted. I was disgusted with comments that people were ‘unfriending’ anyone who didn’t align to their personal Presidential choice.

First, do you not know who you’ve friended on Facebook? Are the political alliances the last straw in the relationship or is your Facebook friend feed hundreds deep and you really don’t know the people on your feed? Are you so offended by someone else’s point of view – someone you have personally accepted Facebook Friend status with – you would publicly, proudly, and with little self awareness realize how pompous it is to call anyone who doesn’t agree with your opinion isn’t good enough to be your friend.

Is that the closed circle world in which you want to live?

Don’t you know it’s easier to catch flies with honey? Don’t you know you can much more easily see someone else’s point of view if you get over yourself. You may have the answers for you, but you don’t have the answers for everyone else in their situation.

I refuse to believe that all Trump supporters are male chauvinist misogynists. I refuse to believe that all Hillary Clinton supporters are liars and cheats. I think people are making the best choice for themselves – and if we focused more on discussing the accomplishments, failures, evolution, and current ideas any candidate has to offer instead of shaming our ‘friends’, we’ll make better decisions on who to vote for.

I digress.

I encourage you – no matter if you vote, who you vote for, or who gets elected…we are one nation. We are a diverse multicultural melting pot here in the United States of America.

Let’s celebrate, unify, and come together.

Without further ado, this is my somewhat articulate response to this idea of ‘us’ vs. ‘them’; why not give each other a little Grace and Space? Why is it not okay for us not to agree on candidates, where to live, whom to marry, what occupation to have? Why does it have to be one way when there are so many foods, religions, ethnicities, peoples, and many more in the world.

{stepping onto my soapbox} I’ve seen all your political posts. I don’t mind. I don’t judge. I’m also not likely voting for your guy….

…unless he or she is NOT running on the Democrat or Republican ticket. Let the unfriending begin if you read the highly uninformed, mean spirited, divisive article ran in the Huffington post and think that if anyone doesn’t vote for YOUR guy they are no friend of yours. Is this what we’ve come to? Is this what society is touting – assaulting the dissenters until they agree?

This is the kind of close mindedness that incites hatred, anger, and mistrust. Mistrust of media, mistrust of fellow citizens.


What happened to spreading kindness, generosity of mind and spirit? Hearing the hurting of others – the not being heard? The feeling that the establishment has sidelined you, that the major parties appear to be chasing their lust for power, money, and influence?

**don’t blame me, I caucused for Bernie Sanders, but our Washington State delegates didn’t vote for him – I digress**

Why can’t we hear what Michelle Obama says: “When they go low, we go high”? I’m not unfriending people based on their political views – I unfriend people who send a steady stream of hatefulness.

Or kitten videos. There are only so many kitten videos I can tolerate in my feed 😉 {stepping off my soapbox}

As for the kittens, well, it’s really a distraction. Those whom are angry and have allowed the media to twist the framing to mistrust and desperation, to lighten up. People forward a lot of videos, memes, stories, and the like…but too much of any one thing is never good. For anyone. A steady diet of variety in reading, activities, and considering others points of view are always in season.


The Buffalo Trace company is in no way authorizing me to write this nor or am I in any way compensated for their logo — it is offered on their Facebook Page and happens to adequately sum up my feelings on the upcoming election. Please see the 411 – Disclaimers.

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