Tuesday Image Challenge: H2O

Opting for an image I took this evening at dinner with my husband, the water takes second stage to the gorgeous cake.


Instagram Images: Bikurgurl 2016


After using an image I took months ago of our last Deru Dinner, all my husband and I could think about is the chance to steal away and take a bite of that delicious cake. Again.

With water.

We’ve made it a point to drink more water as the seasons change. Flushing the {sugar} toxins and allergens out, allowing our bodies to reset with the season. How does cake fit into this?

It doesn’t. Grace and Space.

While this sliver of water is a mere player in the image, it’s simplicity is what allows the whole scene come to life. We see it, we see through it. It allows for the transition from dark to light with it’s reflectivity. Clarity.

It’s the calm in the middle of delicious.


Image: iPhone 6, flash off, no filter

Thanks to the prompt from The Daily Prompt as seen on Dutch Goes the Photo!

– Thanks Frank!

6 thoughts on “Tuesday Image Challenge: H2O

    1. And the chocolate cake actually has a salted peanut butter icing — it’s amazing!! I can’t do full-milk ice cream, but I can do a cup of black coffee {which would have been my preference had it been brunch and not dinner!!} 😉 Thanks for stopping by!

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