Grace And Space: Generosity

When thinking of adding value to daily actions by providing Grace and Space, generosity is high on the list

Image Credit: Bikurgurl 2016

Our piano tuner came by this week to look at an issue we were having with the lowest key on our piano. As you may remember, we were gifted this century-old piano from a neighbor and have been thrilled to have it in our home. When he was over to tune the piano this summer, he thought something may have been wrong with the lowest string and had mentioned ordering one.

However, if you’ve been reading my blog, we had a lot of construction going on and I was literally overwhelmed with it all. More on that next week….

So our piano tuner came out and  and could not fix the string. In fact, he was at our home for over an hour and realized the problem. He’d been servicing this piano for many years and had not kept good notes, for which he apologized profusely. However, the issue is with the soundboard, which is located beneath the keyboard {as seen in the images}.

Image Credit: Bikurgurl 2016

Long story short: he spent his time and energy coming to our home, taking the panels off of our piano, diagnosing the issue, explaining it all to us, and then did not charge us for his time.

I was speechless. His generosity of time and energy is so appreciated. We are so blessed by his generosity and had to send him away with at least some homemade banana muffins. I would have offered them to him anyway, but it felt even better giving him the gifts that are easy and fun for us after he was so generous with his time and expertise.

One good turn does indeed lead to another. Paying it forward is easy when someone is so kind. Generosity with time, energy, and efforts not only help those you gift to, but also to yourself. You give yourself the grace and space, give of your time and talents, and can enjoy the contentment of helping others.

It is a powerful feeling to do a simply small thing to us, but is so remarkably impactful for the receiver of your time, skills, and talent. In our homeschooling, we practice this. With our friends, communities, and church, we try to give when we can. We like to bake, garden, write, and visit – these are easy-for-us gifts of ourselves we make a point to share with others.

It’s a shame we won’t see him for another year, his calm, laid-back nature is as much of an attribute to our home as our beautiful piano 🙂


What gifts of yourself do you give?


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