Amazon Associates Account Update!

When I restarted my blog, I thought it would be great to independently review items we currently use, and pass that information on to our friends and family.

Bikurgurl – I’m just a gurl in the world

Like this Lego Set my son is hoping to get for his birthday {maybe you could all pitch in, grandparents?} 😉

Since we, like many other families, live within a budget, I thought a great way to justify spending time on blogging, and thereby writing practice and finding my online writing community, would be to sign up for an Amazon Associates account. It’s a win-win for me and for my friends, and family, who are interested in the products we use and who also have Amazon Prime for {many!} free deliveries.

I had not noticed, but several months ago I received a message from Amazon stating that my Amazon Associates Account had been disabled due to low traffic.


Well, I understood. I found that my desire to get residual income was not as great as my desire to develop my writing community on-line.

However, with many of our remodeling purchases made on-line {hello Soaking Tub!}, school supplies, writing supplies, and the like, I wanted to reopen the possibility of earning a little mad cash to splurge on trying new homeschool items, reading new books, and find a way to pay for it without the money coming out of our day-to-day budget.

It will take me a few weeks, I’m sure, to go back through all my posts and update them with the correct Amazon Associates links. I had a friend email me saying she was interested in some of the books we were reading, but they weren’t displaying on her screen. I failed to realize when Amazon Associates closed my account, all the images were gone with it.


My apologies for not recognizing that — I’ll double check in a “private window” to ensure what I see is the same as what you, the reader, sees. Since my computer stores cookies, I didn’t realize the images were gone!

With NaNoWriMo, and Poetry Month, within blinking distance, the time has come to freshen up my site.

Who knows — maybe I’ll even earn enough to go ad-free on WordPress!



What are you working on?

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