Do You NaNoWrimo? 2016 Edition

Do you dream about hitting your writing goals every fall — starting the day after Halloween — and prepare, plan, and give yourself the grace and space to get it done?

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Is it just me?

I may not get all the writing in I want throughout the year, but I do plan for and savor the time I give myself to write my story in November.

This past year, in 2015, I wrote of my experience with cancer. It was cathartic. It was empowering. It isn’t finished. Even after taking off December, working on it intermittently since — especially in February — I didn’t finish.

I didn’t finish.

I’m still not finished. The perfectionist in me is furious with my inability to find, carve, make the time. The realist in me is thankful that I haven’t. My story continues. My story hasn’t ended. Cancer hasn’t gotten me yet — my life has just begun anew.

This is just the beginning.

I love sharing my love of writing, my love of telling stories, with others. I particularly love encouraging reluctant writers that they too have a voice. I love to see the light switch on, the stories emerge, the imagination fueled, the void filled.

These stories may be read by many, they may not be read by anyone — but they are your stories and your stories alone. Your choice to share them or not, if they are deemed “good enough” or of literary greatness is not for me to judge, nor would I want to. Encouraging people to know they CAN dream, tell their story, dream, imagine, and be proud of their hard work.

This, my friend, is what I love.

Writers, start planning…it begins in just 43 days.


20 thoughts on “Do You NaNoWrimo? 2016 Edition

      1. 😊 omg have I been planning! Been years in the making and aiming to finish by end of October. If you’re interested, I wrote about it in a post titled ‘writers write, right?’ Goodluck with it- you have a great attitude! 😊

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  1. awwww. love your generously warm encouraging words my dearest. ❤ ❤ ❤ I won't be up for this. ❤ I am polishing my debut book and I think I have to concentrate on that first. But I wish you good luck my dear! ❤

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  2. Hiya! I’m trying to facilitate clarification of comment issues on my blog (spam, and comments that came to me–but were between you and Sonya): So this is what I said on my blog for YOU–then realized you might now get it, so I copied it over here–argghhh, I hope this helps–what a mess!

    “Oh no no–I didn’t spam you, I wouldn’t do that! If it’s someone I’m familiar with, I alert them🙂 The conversation was apparently between you and Sonya.”– Delyn

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    1. You totally should! You can plan out your story in October and hit the ground running on November 1 😉 There are many resources on their site and in only 1,667 words/day! It doesn’t have to be polished, just needs to be written 🙂 You can do it!!


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