Bikurgurl Monthly Planner/Journal, A Do-It-Yourself Guide – Step 3

Welcome to Step 3 of the Planner/Journal series. If you want to start at the beginning, check out these resources: Overview , Step 1, Step 2 , Step 4


Journal Inserts

I found the monthly calendars at the dollar rack in Michaels; I used glue dots and stuck one to every other page of the narrow journal {that came with my cover, see below} and instantly had an 18 month calendar.

Below, you’ll see an image of how I have started many of my monthly journals in the past, but I’ve found now that it’s a waste of a page and I don’t need both an introductory page on the inside as well as a cover labeled on the outside. I’m good to go giving myself an extra page to boot.

Below is how I pair the monthly calendar with the bullet journal in my monthly book.

It’s a Moleskin, what I call *normal* size, but it’s actually a large {5×8.25″} and come in 3 packs. I use these blank journals for monthly bullet-like planning, scripting my days, and taking notes on everything from my garden, books I read, to brain dumps.

Other Journal Inserts

The two smaller books in the images above were 2 for $1 at Staples at the checkout. They are lined, which I usually don’t get, but they were too cute to pass up. With the gold foil lettering on the fronts, the ridiculously cute size and structure were must-haves for my bevy of Travelers Notebooks contained within the cover.

I use mine for notes, book lists, ideas, writing prompts, story ideas — you name it, if I write it all goes down in these journals. I detail later, but write the quick and dirty here.

Journal Accessories

I have paper pockets in the front of mine to hold bookmarks, a straight edge for drawing, and receipts. They are super cute, but starting to fail, so I’ll be either covering in scraps I’ve cut off from lamination projects or packing tape to reinforce and keep them lovely.

Bikurgurl 2016

I’ve also picked up some library card pockets I’ll be using in future iterations for fun stickers, bookmarks, and the like.

Bikurgurl 2016

You may also choose to add a to-do list, meal planner, goal planner, monthly budget, tracker, writing prompts, or any number of other accessories. There’s no wrong way to do it, just doing what works for you — and as much or as little embellishment — is what makes your travelers journal so unique.


Bikurgurl 2016 – InstagramImage

If you’re willing to shop online, the world is your oyster! I don’t use Paypal, so unfortunately, most of Etsy is out for me — but there so many beautiful covers out there! Sites like the Naked Cow. Chic Sparrow has lovely leather covers as well, handmade with a huge following. If you’re looking for vegan, or faux leather, versions, I found mine at Micheals – on clearance, what a happy fluke!

I had gone in to look for a faux leather material, or bookcover, to work into making my travelers notebook cover. Much to my delight, I found these lovely travelers journal covers and bought a handful to house my various project journals.

My main journal is the black cover pictured above. This cover has my annual calendar, monthly journal, homeschool guide, and smaller idea books all housed in one place.


Speaking of Groups with Ideas…

There really are endless possibilities. Many of these enthusiasts have groups on Facebook or Yahoo Groups, as well as Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram, to chat about how they utilize their notebooks, show amazing set-ups, and beautiful layouts.

Have I mentioned the beautiful of Boho Berry? It’s amazing, but it can also be overwhelming. The number of enthusiasts and how they are transforming their planners into works of art and keepsakes — really beautiful — but not for me. My life is filled. I still practice the ancient art of scrapbooking, though not much recently, and just need something that’s kind of cute, but really useful. It can’t be too precious or beautiful or I won’t feel entitled to begin.

Let’s be honest: sometimes we just need to start, to dive in and data dump dates, appointments, plans – even if it’s not personalized. That’s how I came to own my Happy Planner – which I LOVE – but I don’t take that one out of the house.

It’s precious. I have special pens for it. It {usually, but not now that my office is a dumping ground from the construction} has a spot of honor on my desk. My travelers notebook — it gets chucked in my bag, my purse, the front seat of my car — and it travels. It’s there for me whenever I’m inspired to write or just need to go about my day.

So there are the Hobonichi Technos, Foxy Fix crowd, the Leuchtturm lovers, Bullet Journalers, Planner Perfect/Project Me ladies…if you need ideas, just try an internet search and you’ll find more than you’ll ever want to know. Hours upon hours can be spent absorbing the beauty. If you are so inspired, I encourage you to follow that loveliness.

Above: A birthday card from one of my bestfriends with a lovely sentiment. I affixed it to the front of my 18 month calendar insert with 2016 and 2017 page-at-glace overviews adhered to the back. Those overviews were printed in half size from Allison March of Scattered Squirrel {she is a wonder for free printables – as well as many other organizational ideas and inspiration – here is the half-page calendar I used}.

For me — it’s all about the sparkly exterior for the workhorse within 🙂

Good Luck with yours — and let me know if there are any tips or tricks you’re implementing!


12 thoughts on “Bikurgurl Monthly Planner/Journal, A Do-It-Yourself Guide – Step 3

      1. I tried having separate books for orderly thought separation, but the truth for me is that my life is one big mash of ideas, imagination, and planning. There is no definite separation between my being a mother, wife, homeschooler, daughter, sister, friend, parishioner, scheduler, patient, client, writer…why would I separate all of that when certainly thoughts, ideas, and plans happen all day 😉 Wishing you luck for what works for you!


    1. So sweet! Thank you for your kindness – I have helped my boys set them up to keep track of goals and commitments. As tweens, providing them the tools to help them make choices as to how to spend their time is so valuable 🙂 Hope this helps a bit!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Very helpful! My eldest is already working but she’s studying part time, so I think this will help her be a better time planner and see her goals clearly and go for them. I totally agree with spending time fruitfully, it really gets me going when I see them wasting precious minutes doing ridiculous stuff and the internet doesn’t help one bit! So I like going back to the old simple ways with paper and pen.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Wow, you really have it all organized! The bullet journal I so eagerly began in — was it March? — lasted until the middle of June. After that life calmed down and I haven;t used it since. When things do come up I have been using my iCal calendar because I can share it with my husband to his calendar and set it to pop up reminders so he can remember things 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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