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So I started this post…months ago. Back in the days when I still had my Windows Phone, when everything was *kind of* connected, before the interconnected-overwhelmingly-wonderful that is the Apple iPhone 6s I have now. Figuring out how to link up my iPhone to my SkyDrive, well, I think I’ve finally done that!

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First, I am not a sponsor of, affiliate of, or benefactor of the Planner Perfect method or Project Me.

Second, I started with an Overview, but I am no longer participating in the #ProjectMe project. As such, but I found it to be a fun side study which opened up many prompts for my writing.

That being said….


If you use her Planner Perfect method, Jenny Penton describes a more detailed way of writing your own story. The catch – once you write it out, you live it. This is the life you are creating through your writing.


Yep. Just that easy. You plan your day around your mission statement, your mantra, your goals and you don’t accept less. If you’d rather have a different job, you simply write the goal, the steps, the research, and then outside of your work hours, you write that script and live it.

Scripting your days by drilling into specific aspects of your {a Christian Womans} being is the core of #ProjectMe.

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By re-writing those negative interactions {a watershed statement for me she mentions in her first video!} by writing them the way you would have liked them to play out {honoring you and those around you, whether it was the way someone treated you/did to you or something you said/the way you treated someone}, writing the words to flip the script, change the negative talk to positive talk.

Writing Prompt: Re-Write an actual event the way you would have liked it to occur! #Brilliant!

Allowing yourself the grace and space to forgive and let it go — it’s a powerful message for me, personally. It’s a message of forgiveness and love that I feel allows me to finally move past the past and into my future.

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For me, a recovering perfectionist, it’s sometimes overwhelming to leave things left undone and move on. This is the key to the simplicity and perfection of the idea of Grace and Space — as well as the main idea behind scripting your life — be it for self-love in beauty and care or be it reaching your goals.

You want to talk the talk; you have to walk the walk to achieve it.

Notes from “On Writing” by Stephen King, Bikurgurl 2016

The first step: write the words. If you can’t write words {like: I can do this! This is my story! I will script the life I want to have!} then get a couple of cute stickers and start.My writer friends may not have issues with rambling on, but surprisingly many do. Many write about any topic…other than themselves. The process of self-reflection can give you much insight into your own motivations and perspectives which can actually augment your stories.

Project Me notes, Bikurgurl 2016

With the #ProjectMe, I watched Jenny’s introduction video and took notes in my Commonplace book. She asks you to begin by writing the 3 sections: Mind, Body, Spirit. Writing statements you want to accomplish: “I want to have a ______ mind, a ________ body, a _______ spirit.” If you’d like, write it on a sheet of scrap, notebook paper until it is exactly as you want it to be, then transfer the first words into your book. I suggest just writing in that Moleskin or beautiful notebook, but sticky notes can work if you’re really undecided. The book above is a $4 blank page/unlined journal book from Wal-Mart. A couple of pens, a Sharpie, and star stickers — that’s it. And even that is more than you need.

For instance, my sentence might look like this: “I want to have a peaceful mind, a healthy body, a loving spirit.”

Feel free to use mine, but it’ll be more authentic if the words are yours. If  you want to use your own words, but don’t know where to start, just having a few writing prompts can make all the difference!

Project Me Community

If you want to join the community, you’ll need to go to the Planner Perfect Facebook Page, join, and then join the #ProjectMe Community {a closed group}. I’m not very active in the group because I do not purchase the Planner Perfect journals, but for many people, it has been a great help!

There is a collection of videos compiled by one of Jenny’s contributors on You Tube 🙂

I hope this helps you start your own journey to writing the story you want to write for your life — then living it!




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