iPhone Decision

So, I just switched from a Windows Phone {WinPhone} to an iPhone last month. Yes. Caving to Conformity….

Oddly, I don’t have an image of my own phone, but here’s an image of my sons’ phone {which is the similar iPhone SE in the exact same grey Otterbox} of course playing PokemonGo! at a family vacation favorite location!

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And I’ve been meaning to write about it — but one of my favorite bloggers to follow – Ms. Ginny Shellerasked about camera-ready phones, I had to divulge a few tidbits…

First, I’ve neeeeeeeeeever wanted any Apple product. Ever.

I have always been against the idea that Apple insists you pay them for applications {thereafter called apps} in their iStore — controlling the whole purse to payout felt, well, dirty to me. Dirty. They were getting my money for the phone, the money for the apps, the money for the….everything! I didn’t like the idea of one company controlling everything from beginning to end. The camera’s not half-bad, but here’s the thing….

is it Pokemon Go?

Second, I want the technology to work for me, not me work for the phone. To work.

I finally got to the point where with my WinPhone, it came pre-loaded with everything I needed (camera, email, cloud storage) was laborious. It was a lot of work to get what I wanted out of it. I worked the run-arounds, but it was. Tiring. I have had an Android before, and I SUPER loved it, but once it crashed {and by crashed, I mean I dropped it face down on gravel which destroyed the glass on the phone}, it was over. The Android now is ALL apps and you have to find the right app for you. It’s great because it’s super customizable, but we’ve not had Andriods for years and it’s beyond my bandwidth to take on any more learning curve/new information.

Third, I have to be okay with being me.

iPhone is a little too personal, as in — I can’t be incognito {I’m not the only one who wants to be incognito, right?} because iPhone links all your apps to your iPhone ID {why I couldn’t setup PokemonGo! accounts for my children, long story…}, but all in all — the phone works for us versus me working for the phone. I still don’t have the Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/blog connection.

I’m working on it…a work in progress.

Good Luck to Ginny {and anyone else considering the dip into the iPhone pool}  — you won’t regret it. And for what it’s worth, the iPhone 7 is coming out in a couple of weeks! You can get the newest model on the market and get all the perks that come with the new models {or an “old” model like mine – I’ve got the iPhone 6 and it’s great so far – and get a discount or second-hand model}. We also got our boys iPhone SE’s…which are supposed to be similar to iPhone 6, but smaller….

but that’s another story!


btw: I haven’t linked my phone to my computer, they don’t talk or communicate, so I’m relying on copying and pasting images from my Instagram account… which I’d love for you to follow and I try to limit to about 3 images per day…but thanks for bearing with me as I still haven’t located my Cannon after all the internal moving with Construction!

11 thoughts on “iPhone Decision

  1. I too have never been an iPhone person, but I have seen my friends; once you start using it you start loving it! I am still android guy and still trying to understand it fully. 😀 (You seem to be having a great time with Pokemon! great! 😉 )

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    1. Thanks! It’s been fun playing PokemonGo! with my family 🙂 We all joined the same team, so we go out and hunt Pokemon together, hit Pokestops, and battle at Gyms together. We walk a lot more, finally have a video game we all agree on {for now!}, and get out to go to new places and exercise {walking to hatch eggs!} just for fun!!

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      1. It’s been like a great scavenger hunt for us 😉 We don’t use the mapping apps. Yet. We may, but it’s been fun going out for hours at a time, walking, talking, just enjoying each others company in a different environment working as a team 🙂

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    1. I am starting to love my iPhone. I don’t have a MAC, but I hear that’s the major selling point is to have your iCloud connection between everything. I use the Microsoft platform and am still getting everything set-up; for instance, my cloud storage still isn’t sorted and I’ve blocked myself out of Twitter on both my phone and computer, but am able to Tweet via my Instagram posts {which is way easier on the iPhone than it was on my WinPhone}. With the new iPhone 7 that came out yesterday {it’s waterproof — I was not expecting that!!}, you could either get the latest technology or likely get a deal on the SE {smaller version of the iPhone 6 that I have} or you can get a slightly larger version, the iPhone 6s, if you’re looking for a larger screen. I totally recommend an Otterbox either way to protect against dropping — of course, I take my phone out and about 😉 Good Luck!

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  2. That’s the thing I don’t like about Google and Gmail. I have an Android and I have found my contacts linked to Gmail, even if they didn’t have Gmail addresses. It’s like they try to change their e-mail addresses or maybe I just don’t understand that aspect of Gmail.

    Sometimes I don’t want everything linked together because when one thing doesn’t work, NONE of it works. But I’m glad that you’re starting to get the hang of your I-Phone.


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