NBTS 2016

It’s Not-Back-To-School {NBTS} Day in our neighborhood. We usually go and get doughnuts to celebrate, but today I’m without my car {it’s in the shop}, having concrete poured, and going to a Parent Meeting for a student production one of my children was cast in of Willy Wonka.

Thankfully, the concrete is being poured today. I’m not tempting fate by sending bad energy, but this has been a lesson in patience amidst misunderstandings, missed deadlines, and not-so-veiled threats of legal action {not from us!}.

Starting out our days slowly, with hot chocolate and baked goods, is a norm for our homeschool. Though we school year-round, most of the year here in the Pacific Northwest is overcast and 40 degrees. We enjoy our outdoor play, but as the days get shorter going into winter, we start dreaming of board game marathons, movie marathons, reading marathons, and projects to do between jaunts in the drizzle.

I’m looking forward to finishing up my planner posts, planning posts, Goodreads reviews; catch up on my Recycled Reads progress and get back to editing my book, but all in good time. Today is a great day just to be with my boys!

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