Pokemon GO!

The phenomenon of Summer 2016, at least for our family, has definitely been phases of construction coming to fruition.

However, a secondary obsession has taken hold of us: Pokemon Go!

It’s not that the construction is taking a backseat, au contraire {thanks DuoLingo}: it’s the life emerging from behind the clouds of construction dust, between the contractor meetings, the no-shows, the fantastic companies and the I-wish-I’d-never-hired-them companies.

We started playing this little game with our new techno-toys — the iPhones — which I’m still figuring out how to use….and so, it began!

A fun, family distraction, we’ve been capturing Pokemon (pocket monsters), walking to hatch our eggs, traveling to hit Pokestops (& collect items for our bags), and going together to battle at gyms.

We’re on Team Mystic, the blue team, if you’d noticed!

So I thought I’d begin by showing you a few of my Instagram posts on the subject as I continue to learn the ropes of it all, deal with contractors, and all the rest…

So while I’ve been writing Three Line Tales – I’ll see a Pokemon

Or at the park

Or in the parking lot

They are always around — waiting to be captured, powered up {or transferred back the professor}, and fill my Pokedex.

And if you don’t know any of this terminology — neither did I prior to this summer!


What are you learning this summer?

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