Construction Phase II: Bathrooms

Ok…long overdue, but a quick post as I’m already 2 projects behind!

Bikurgurl 2016 – Instagram

Soooo…we had our Master Bathroom remodeled this summer. It began in June and, even though it went two weeks over, was completed in July.

Bikurgurl 2016 – Instagram Image 1, Image 2, Image 3

And the toe niche…..oh yes!



Bikurgurl 2016 – Instagram Image 1, Image 2

There is so much to write about…the years of dreaming and planning…the months of researching and going to showrooms looking at items. Well, let’s be honest: most of the time was spent looking at tile….oh the lovely tile…

Examples of inspiration online

The biggest expense was the bathtub. I would love to tell you how I went through a long search and got the tub of my dreams…..and I did!

Bikurgurl 2016 – Instagram Image

We did make some concessions, but you do that at any budget or space. It’s all about priorities.

It’s always about priorities.

Like storage for our things in actual medicine cabinets. We used to have one long mirror, which was lovely for light and reflection, but we really needed reach-in storage. So, splurge number two were the gorgeous {and humongous!} mirrored medicine cabinets.

Bikurgurl 2016 – Instagram Image 1 and Image 2

I ended up LOVING our tile guy, the plumbing sub-contractors were nice — even if they had to spend an entire day painting my ceiling after they accidentally dropped a tool through the floor…

Bikurgurl 2016 – Instagram Image 1, Image 2

but I’ll be happy if I never see the general contractor we hired again. A long story best left to incorporate into a book. As a character, flawed and failed.


Let me tell you – some of the best characters come from real-life.

So these are some of the images I posted on Instagram. Is there more to the story? Of course – there is always more to the story. Always. The story always goes on.

Did I mention we also painted and tiled our boys bathroom? Well, it’s their private space, so I’m respecting their privacy, but the floor tile is the same, as is the wall color. We’re going for simplicity, easy clean, minimalism. With maybe a bit of pretty. I mean, did you see that blue herringbone glass backsplash? 🙂

And this is just a portion of the construction going on at my house – which is why I’ve not been writing much. Managing homeschooling, construction, writing my story, travel, and mending a dying garden is taking up all my time — and did I mention those cute dogs?

What’s going on at your house?

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