Hello? Is this thing on?

As it turns out, maybe not! I’ve been knee deep in remodeling, traveling, PokemonGo! and a little vacationing this summer.


Turns out the posts I thought I had set to post, didn’t. I switched to a new iPhone and can no longer access my social media as I had in the past. It’s a learning curve!

From PokemonGo! Facebook Page

But if you’ve kept up with my on Instagram, or just seen the images I’ve posted through my blog page, you’ll see I’ve been a little obsessed with catching and battling Pokemon, seeing Pokemon in my dreams, and walking a ton to hatch Pokemon eggs.

Did I mention we’re starting Phase V of our home remodel this week?

So I haven’t been writing on my blog, or IRL, reading, or doing anything else other than trying to save my dying garden {it turns out leaving for two weeks at the hottest part of the summer was a bad idea!} and attempting to put my house back together — mixed with lots of walking for Pokemon eggs to hatch — has been taking up the majority of my days.

Home Maintenance/Remodeling Phase IV: Exterior paint, color is Naval by Sherwin Williams

The connectivity issues I had on vacation, not knowing how to use my new phone {I love it, but it’s definitely not the same! My iCloud storage is full and my phone isn’t backing up to my OneDrive}, and enjoying life…

Yep, #Summer2016 !


What have you been doing this summer?


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