Caving to Conformity

I need your help!

As if there isn’t enough going on around here {did I mention, Construction Phase III began this morning?!?}, I’m throwing new technology into the mix.

iPhone from store

I’ve been thinking about it for a while, especially since Frank from Dutch Goes the Photo {who captures images of the lovely yoga tree!}, suggested it’s what he uses, to get an iPhone. I could wax prolific about my abstaining from the Apple products for so long. Chiefly, I don’t like having to go through their store for every. Single. Little Purchase. But here’s the thing: I tried the new Androids, and while I love them, it’s way too much manual configuration for me right now. I adore my WinPhone {Windows Phone} but the support for the technology and Apps are abysmal.

So here I am, conforming.

Not on my Top Ten List. Of anything. Conformity to me is a dirty word; I much prefer to take the path less taken, ‘Rage against…’ whatever.

So here I am, entering the new frontier {for me!} of conformity. I can’t get my contacts merged, I’ve had issues with my Microsoft email for ages, the platform continues to get antequated and doesn’t want to play nice with the Internet. Or any of the Apps I want to use. Or anything esle.

So bear with me as I set up Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and maybe even some Pokemon Go! o my new phone. If you have tips and tricks on image apps, blogging apps, or the like — I’d love to know! I’ve railed against the system for so long, this conformity thing is a difficult, albeit timely, pill to swallow.

Excuse me….I think I need a stronger cup of coffee for this one!


Please leave your suggestions in the comments 🙂


4 thoughts on “Caving to Conformity

  1. Welcome to conformity…NOT! You will never conform, no matter what the tool is that you wield for your e-mail, social media and, dare we say it, GAMES!!! 🙂 If you join Pokemon Go, go for team Instinct (Yellow), as we shall rule the gyms with gentle, instinctively correct methodology!

    Have fun with your new toy!


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    1. You are so kind! I’ll be scrolling through the comments to try to find the app you suggested with the iPhone…it’s been on my mind since you mentioned it months ago. Thank you 🙂


  2. I got my new smartphone at the end of April and it was ridiculous how long it took! I don’t have an I-Phone, though. I just can’t stomach paying that much for a phone and nor do I have a Windows phone. It took me days to figure out things like transferring my contacts and I had to keep calling Customer Service because I needed to actually speak to someone. I’m horrible at that type of thing. Good luck with it!

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    1. Thanks! It turns out I inadvertently set up my email as mail-only, which did not give me the opportunity to set-up my contacts, calendar, etc. Whew! One hurdle down, many more to come. Super fun learning opportunities!!


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