Review: The Original Little Hands Card Holder

I just happened to see this on clearance at our local Target on Monday!

Instagram – Bikurgurl 2016

Have you ever seen these little gems? Had friends or families use them?

If not, be prepared to take your game nights to new levels with your young children! The Original Little Hands Card Holder is a brilliant tool for young children to play more advanced card games – requiring holding more than 2-3 cards – like a boss.

When I was a child, I held all my cards together – would need to flip through each. Individual. Card. Which. Takes. All. Day.

Not so with a card holder!

With one handle, this little card holder can hold a host of cards for every game from Old Maid and UNO to Catan and Ticket to Ride! This allows your children to really get engaged in the game because not only are they able to physically see and hold all their cards on their own, building confidence, but also are actually able to play the game because they are able to hold all their own cards.

This has totally saved our family game night time, made everyone feel more equal in their aptitude to play games, and even at full-price {around $5}, is a steal for making family time happier time!

It’s the little details that can make a big difference!


What little trick has made a big difference in your family nights?

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