Summer Fun: Disc Golf

Have you enjoyed your summer? Looking for some new fun?

Disc Golf Post

Try Disc Golf!

This game is just like golf, except you use frisbee-like discs and shoot toward these “holes”. Simple, metal baskets with chains to slow and “catch” your disc, this game is easily played by families of most ages.

Image Credit – Bikurgurl 2016

Walking in the summer sun across a huge field is a great way to spend time together as a family, as well as get a little exercise, and learn new skills. My husband and I have played separately in the past, but introduced our boys to this fun game this weekend – and what fun!

The course we chose to start on is in a public park: a big field with mowed *fairlanes* and rough surrounding them. This is set with large evergreens {it is the Evergreen State here in Washington!} surrounding much of the course which provides the perfect backdrop for outdoor fun.

Image Credit – Bikurgurl 2016

Summer is a great time to try something new. Whether you homeschool like our family, private school, or go to public school — more family time is almost a sure thing. While you’re together as a family, it’s a great time to orient yourself, and your children, to new experiences and activities. Learning together, playing together, having fun together — it’s what makes our family go!


We picked up our discs at Play It Again Sports –

Image Credit – Bikurgurl 2016

although they had used discs, we found the new discs new discs to enticing not to purchase! It was a great time to unload a bike my boys had outgrown – so while we were there, might as well pick up golf discs.


We also picked up scooters, but that’s another story!

We chose to play for fun – not keep score with number of *strokes* and played through the rough. We’re not super competitive, so this style of play allows for learning, enjoyment, and gaining experience with this new-to-our-family pastime.

What are you learning this summer?


BTW: I’m working on getting my watermark on my photos again. It’s a great time to ask again if anyone has experience using non-Apple apps for theirs. Thanks!


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