Wrapping up Construction…Phase II

InstagramImage – Bikurgurl 2016


As we finally wrap up a little over a month of construction remodeling of our Master Bathroom {Yay! No more carpet in the bathroom! It’s the small victories that make life so much easier!}, I can breathe a sigh of relief. We picked beautiful finishes, had an amazing tile installer, and are rid of carpet.

What a difference a summer makes! More changes to follow in Phase III of remodeling.


What are you changing this summer?

12 thoughts on “Wrapping up Construction…Phase II

  1. Looks great
    🙂 I love the modern tub and the cool refreshing ambience of the room, that I can see. Jealous, ours is still stuck in the eighties lol.

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  2. I’m jealous, too! It looks great, BG! I have both you and mandibelle16 beat; however! My bathrooms are straight out of the 60’s! I just finished my kitchen remodel in late June and it was a beast! There were three layers of wallpaper, three layers of flooring and generally worn out and ugly cabinets and appliances. The appliances were from the 90’s although that wasn’t much comfort! Congratulations again!

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