An Overview: #ProjectMe, #GraceAndSpace, and #Writing

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What is going on with the Writing, #GraceAndSpace, and #ProjectMe on my Instagram and blog?

Well, it’s a long, sorted story, but piecing it all together for my writing community, my family and friends, and my new Project Me community, there have been questions. The best way to introduce it is from a question on the #ProjectMe page: how to write, to which I replied:

I wrote a quick post on a writing class I teach here:…/a-novel-writing-class-a-day-in…/ I’m doing some writing on my blog {} — I would recommend “Writing Down the Bones” by Natalie Goldberg, “On Writing” by Stephen King, “Bird by Bird” by Anne Lamont, “On Writing” by Ernest Hemingway, “Zen in the Art of Writing” by Ray Bradbury ….among many, many others….looks like I have a blog post to write about this 😉 If the reading intimidates you, borrow the audiobooks from the library! Otherwise, I’ll get cracking on the post!

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To which I am answering both questions:

  • What is #ProjectMe?
  • How do I do this #Writing thing?
  • And a separate question, or maybe just inserting for continued benefit to all:
  • Why the #GraceAndSpace with the WordHighJuly?

It’s very simple!

Project Me

Project Me is a private Facebook group designed by Jenny Penton for women to focImus on

Image Credit – Bikurgurl 2016

themselves: Mind, Body, Spirit. She discusses her Planner Perfect method of scripting your life according to your own principles, beliefs, and goals — not someone else’s. I’m been loosely using her method for the past several years to script my days to follow my goals and intentions.

Life sometimes gets in the way, but I’ve been gearing up this past month to be ready to being my new year (my personal and homeschool/unschool calendar runs July-July). Big goals for me this year are to:

  • Finish my novel {at least one of them!}
  • Finish big projects on our home, thereby
  • Finish the final purge of items from my home, keeping only what we use and love
  • Streamlining my life through:
    • Spiritual routine
    • Family routine
    • Unschooly routine
    • Writing routine
    • Cleaning routine
    • Health routine
    • Budget routine
    • Home Maintenance Routine
    • Garden routine
    • Annual routine

In addition, I’m using my journaling methods and love of writing to script out the big picture, then following through by breaking the bigger goals down into steps, which then I can plot those smaller steps on my annual calendar, finally narrowing down from those monthly goals, to weekly and daily goals.

Am I a slave to it? No. With my dad having health issues this summer, coupled with the crazy of construction at my home, I’ve fallen off the wagon. I’ve emptied the contents of my office planning on a large table and been working from it, on it, for weeks on end. However, I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

In this process, I’ve sorted out the paper mess, recycled and shredded many documents and papers I no longer need. I’ve taken loads of curriculum to our local homeschool consignment store with the rest going to charity. I’ve cleaned out all my gardening supplies from my garage and am working on the now smallish pile on my back deck. By implementing a bit of Kon-Mari method, and just keeping to the general theme of our Year of Quality, letting go of the stuff – both physical and mental – has been life-changing.

Which leads to the next natural question…

Grace and Space

I have been telling my boys for the last year, when the majority of my recovery had occurred, we need to give one another grace and space. The grace, or mercy, to give ourselves space, literally physical and emotional room, to be or do what we need to be or do in that moment.

The caveat? We also need to do this in a respectful manner, both to ourselves and others. 

I think about the grace, or mercy, God gives us as individuals to be who we will be, yet He loves us regardless. He forgives us. I’m not trying to say we’re now divine, but how divine would it be to love ourselves as our maker loves us?!? Pretty awesome.

Follow this to the obvious: if we give ourselves grace, we’re better to give grace to the people around us. If we cultivate a life of grace, giving each other – and ourselves – the space we need to come back to grace, we’re able to live a much more abundant life.

Word High July – Beautiful words to prompt writing every day during the month of July 2016 — I needed a guide to keep me posting on my blog daily as I’ve let the everyday stress of life keep me from sticking to my goals. That’s it 😉 Beautiful thoughts for beautiful words for a beautiful month!

Thankfulness. Gratitude. Happiness. Love. Forgiveness.


So, how do we tie this all back together? We tie the grace and space we give ourselves back to scripting the life we so richly want, and deserve, to have, with how we articulate our vision.

Wait? Does this mean you’ll be rich, thin, and own lots of things?

Probably not.

Does this mean that you’re willing to work for your vision? Are you brave enough to set goals? Are you willing to take a hard look at what you want, then script it beautifully through words, checklists, artistic flourish?

Definitely can.

Bikurgurl 2016

Enter: Writing your own script, your own life, on your own terms…

Write the story you want to live — then set goals to live that life you so richly deserve.

Jenny Penton is posting chats on how to look after your mind, body, and spirit. She speaks of her faith and homeschooling, as well as being a mother of 8, and avid reader, creator, and Etsy shop owner.

But you don’t need anything fancy to get started; just grab a spiral bound notebook and get going writing the story you want to live.

Not a writer?

Maybe not, but I believe we’re each a storyteller. As I’ve told my writing classes, whether we choose to tell our stories or not, we all have stories to tell. What this exercise encourages you to do is to tell your story your way.

Don’t like something that’s happened in the past? Re-write it.

Whether it’s something you’ve done, or something done to you, reflect on situations that have brought you down or made you feel ‘less than’. This is something I’ve put a lot of thought into. I have things I’ve said or done that I wish I’d handled differently – situations and conversations I’ve had that I felt were unfair to me, but hindsight is 20/20 right?


All you need to do is write the situation, conversation, interaction as you would have liked it to go – one that gives you grace and space. A story that you’ve been able to perfect,. And then, I know this sounds crazy, but….

Let it go.

Yep. Just like that. Holding that regret, pain, hurt feelings go. Give yourself grace, give the person you interacted with grace, forgive – and unburden yourself from the negative feelings you have pulling you down with the interaction. Is it easy? Maybe, maybe not. Will you be a happier, more peaceful, and centered human being?

I say yes.

I have prayed about this quite a bit. Many transitions are happening in my life, my family, myself. Change is the only constant. “Get busy living, or get busy dyin'” as Morgan Freeman’s character says in Shawshank Redemption.

My planner/Commonplace/journals

Seemingly totally different subject, but last thing: This is where I tie it all together.

I have my planner for actual appointments, activities, meetings, and time sensitive items. For concrete planning, I have my paper planner.

I have a Commonplace book where I brain dump all the information. I’m increasingly using Instagram to gather images of days and weeks, but since I generally don’t post images of my family there, it’s only the portion that’s for me. About me. My life through my lens. I keep it with me, take notes when we go on field trips, or I talk on the phone, or I find a good quote; I jot down names and information of new people I meet, flowers and trees, something fun online. I used to just email that information to myself, but it invariably gets shoved into my ever-increasing inbox, then stuffed into an email folder never to see the light of day again.

However, if I physically write something – for me – it automatically is a rock, a handhold I can return to. “Remember that recipe you liked? What was that called?” and I simply flip through my commonplace.

Journals – well, with all this information just scattered through my commonplace journal, I find that it’s good to parse some of that information for consumption on specific levels – like ideas for good blog posts, books I want to read, habits…some of these have separate journals {like a gratitude journal, blog} and some do not {favorite quotes, camping lists}. Still others I want to track, like habits or books, I’ve got grids in my commonplace to start tracking that information – a la bullet journal style.

Ahh….in my mind, it all makes sense 😉

I’ll be posting specific information about how I organize the information – but please feel free to leave questions or comments about what works for you, or how you’d like to work your plan! Also, feel free to find my blog page on Facebook, or Instagram Account, to see what I’m up to and add your two cents 😉

What Project is more important than you?

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  1. Oh my! I read this post today! You have such an interesting schedule! I mean, so many writing stuffs incorporated there!! Ive got excited after reading all this! And you have been writing novels..Wow! That’s amazing!! 🙂

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