And there was a toe niche…

I’ll be updating about our Master Bathroom Remodel, but in the meantime I wanted to share the excitement I have about the progress on the tile!

Toe Niche and Tile – Bikurgurl 2016

It really is all about the tile. And the tub. Boy it’s a pretty tub – but that hasn’t gone in yet.

So for now, it’s all about the tile. I’ll go into details, but for now: Toe Niche

What’s that, you ask? We’d been introduced to it by a previous potential contractor who mentioned having a place for a lady {or gent, if he is so inclined} to place the ball of her foot and shave her legs more easily.


So as we patiently wait for our Master Bathroom remodel to wind down this week, I can dream of shaving my legs with ease {and much needed light!} in our new Master Shower ❤


What is delighting you today?


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