Grace and Space: Analysis Paralysis

Do you ever get the feeling that you want to research an idea, a product, a change? If you’re like me, you start reading books, articles, and slowly find yourself a month, two months, a year later…still reading and researching, but not having made any decisions?

Image Credit – Bikurgurl 2016

Ever put off your decisions? Are you paralyzed with the overwhelming number of options? You may suffer from: Analysis Paralysis!

Don’t get me wrong: Sometimes you want to take your time, weigh your options, consider a decision from all angles. When you marry someone, purchase a house; choose a new job, career, school…but there are many other decisions that don’t need that level of detail and delay.

I obviously didn’t have this problem here — I just stuck the Salvia, Coleus, and Siberian Iris all in the same pot together!

When you find yourself going round and round, seemingly unable to make a decision. Needing more and more information, and nothing is ever quite right…you’ve got

Analysis Paralysis

What could be wrong with having this not-quite-fatal-yet-fatally-debilitating disease? It enables perfectionism. It enables you to not give yourself the trust, and responsibility, of just making a choice and moving on. Not that I know what that’s like.


Have I ever gone round and round and not made a decision, yet still research it? Oh yes. In fact, our currently-ongoing construction project has been put off because we went round and round about what we wanted to do, how much we wanted to change, spend…decisions, decisions, decisions…

Instead, allow yourself some Grace and Space, you can better determine your timetable, your parameters, and how important the real decisions of life are. Will the decision you make matter tomorrow {most likely}, next week {likely}, next year, in 40 years?

Our construction decisions will certainly impact our lives, but are they worth thinking too much more about after all our looking, discussions, heated discussions? Probably not.

Once we realized it didn’t really matter, we were better able to give ourselves, and each other, the Grace and Space we need to make a good-enough decision that we’ll likely be pretty happy with and move on! Much like the picture, I just needed to get these guys in the ground. Will I make changes? Yes. Was it a misstep, perhaps, but will it all be okay?



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7 thoughts on “Grace and Space: Analysis Paralysis

  1. Nice continuation on this theme Bikurgurl. Everything doesn’t have to happen now or when we think it should, we need to allow ourselves time.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Gosh, we are plagued with over choice! You can’t enter a simple burger joint with being bombarded with a million options! And that’s just a burger, imagine life decisions? ! … I like what you said about not over thinking your decisions and giving yourself some space! We can’t let it take over our lives! Great post! ☺

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow – Thank you for your kind feedback and reflections! It’s totally a first world problem…I love your choice of words: “…plagued by choice” – indeed!


      1. You’re right and sometimes one can feel so guilty at how we take all this for granted and complain about choices when some people have none… thanks for the great post! ☺


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