100 Word Wednesday: Under Construction

It’s been a long time coming: reworking, saving, debating, compromising. Although it’s not sexy, the long awaited remodel of our Master Bath brings me joy in the anticipation of an updated space. Our previously carpeted, rounded tiles, with very thick, sandy grout

Image Credit – Bikurgurl 2016

lines, was difficult to clean. The green made our faces look sallow; I had fancied painting it several times, but we couldn’t decide. Thankfully, samples were reviewed, opinions evaluated, decisions made; compromises were sparse as our combined goal of staying on time and on budget were paramount to us both. In the end, we’ll share this space together.


What do you have ‘Under Construction’ in your life?

Have you checked out our #GraceAndSpace posts? We’ll be working behind the scenes to explore more topics — we’d love to hear from you on what your struggles are or your unique perspectives – the goal is to give ourselves permission to be!

6 thoughts on “100 Word Wednesday: Under Construction

    1. Compromise has eluded me for years — when I felt like I was heard, it was much easier to make the compromises 😉 Funny how that works! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Oh i forgot to share with you; my blog is under construction:-) still changing things and trying to carve a niche hahaha reaching a compromise on which story to post and which not to..Thanks for asking.

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    1. No worries! Grace and Space extends to you – and I’m doing my own blog changes…very slowly 😉 Looking forward to your contributions whenever you get the chance!


  2. Luck with renovations. When I helped my Dad redo our bathroom, we went with a pale blue with a but of green in it, a bit of an aqua colour, but it appears more blue. It’s beautiful and bright, and lovely on the skin. Lightening is tricky, you need bright light but not something that is going to let you see every single mark on your face, but still gives you a true version of yourself. I think a warmer light is good and something giving a lot of light from above. If you have a window natural light always helps. Best of luck 🙂

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    1. Thank you for the luck! We’re lucky to have natural light in the room, but in the grey Pacific Northwest, the winter can be a bit of a bummer and natural light can be difficult to come by. We’re looking forward to no carpet the most 😉

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