The Pier {FFfAW – 68th Challenge}

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Image Credit – Barbara Taylor

 The Pier

I kept waiting for you. Thinking you’d return to that very bench we once shared.

Silly, I know, but I believed if I waited, wanted, wished, prayed – you would come home to me. Your smile would make me whole, your love would fill my heart, your arms would encircle me, your passion would flow over me.

I know you are gone, never to return. Your time with me is over.


This image actually made me think of one of mine and my dad’s favorite songs. He has it on a 45 and I used to listen to it over and over as a child – Enjoy!


Thanks to Priceless Joy for hosting the 68th week at Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.

Would you like to add yours, or read others?


18 thoughts on “The Pier {FFfAW – 68th Challenge}

  1. Beautiful and heart breaking. I can remember going back to places I often spent with great friends or old boyfriends. But time changes and goes past I guess, and those people aren’t so meaningful anymore. They’ve moved on and so must we.

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    1. Moving on can be difficult, but the time comes when we don’t have to dwell on it. Time allows the pain to ebb, the hurts to heal…while the scars may remain, they are no longer sore and make you weary — they bind you and make you stronger than you were before.

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