Promises: I Love You & I Won’t Leave You

Promises: I Love You

Bikurgurl – 2016, I Love You from Daddy to Mom

I’ve missed being here in this creative writing environment, but life happens. Love waits for no one. When home calls, you go.


Promises made with a heart full of love. Promises kept. Promises unbroken. Promises of the heart are not made lightly. Promises run deep and become the backbone to the relationships which are your family. The family you are born into, the family you choose, the family you love; people who love and care for you like you love and care for them.

When you need them, they’re there. When they need you, you’re there.


Internet access or not. So what if I hauled laptops and didn’t blog: I was there and that’s all that matters.

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As our parents get older, we get older – our children get older. I’m thankful that I can always go home, but getting to go is priceless.

My writing about home, family, commitment: Prolific. Crafting stories, hearing stories, storytelling … stories evolve, continue, and never really end.

Research, compiling, and being present. Taking the time off of Social Media — reflections to come.

What promises have you been keeping?

To yourself, the ones you love, those beholden to you…what promises are you keeping?

5 thoughts on “Promises: I Love You & I Won’t Leave You

  1. Because of my health, I live at home and since I’ve been feeling better this year then ever before, since I first became ill, I really try to help Mom and Dad around the house more. Cooking mire or helping with cooking. Vacuuming when it’s needed, keeping bathrooms clean etc. For so long I couldn’t help out so I try hard to know.
    Best of luck with your goals and keeping promises. It’s important, I understand.

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    1. You are so lucky to have this time, as an adult, with your parents. Caring for one another, loving, growing, living…I sometimes wish my life would have kept me closer to them, but it wouldn’t have included my husband or our family together, and so we have to make it work across the miles. Calls, text messages, Skype, trips, letters, blog posts…our love lasts across the miles.

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      1. Thanks Bikurgirl. I do feel lucky I get to be with them and have an adult relationship with them. Although, I do hope do get married to a nice guy someday and hope I can stay close enough to my family. It must be very hard not actually being with them and having to skype, text etc all the time. Hard on you and your kids not seeing Grandma and Grandpa. Thank you for your thoughts 🙂

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      2. 🙂 It’s all about choices – the choices we make, choices our families make…thank goodness in this technological age we’re able to stay in touch much easier than in decades, and centuries, past 😉

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